South Park 10/28

Funny funny episode. So, which one was the giant douche and which one the turd sandwich?

Kerry’s the douche, since it began the debate by thanking everyone.

That was a great episode.

Kerry was the giant douche and Bush was the turd sandwich.

I thought Kerry was the douche because the douche was on the left.

Yes, funny stuff as always, especially the ending. I can’t figure out what movie they were parodying during the banishment scene, though, it’s driving me crazy thinking about it.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, when Max is banished from Bartertown on the back of a horse with a clown mask over his head.

Another give-away regarding which was which was when Kyle wanted P. Diddy to threaten Stan after getting nowhere trying once again to convince him to vote for the Giant Douche.

I’m sure Diddy isn’t supporting Bush.

I was going to make a post about this. I came to the conclusion that Kerry was the douche and Bush was the Turd Sandwich.

The Douche was ‘giant’ and Kerry is 6’4"
The Douche was on the left in the debate
The Douche thanked everyone at the beginning of the debates
The Turd Sandwich made stupid remarks during the debate
The Turd Sandwich was on the right in the debate

…and of course the turd sandwich is full of shit.


Man, I want a copy of that song.

I’m so glad that someone finally made a message on TV about how stupid the EVERYONE-MUST-VOTE craze is. I have a couple friends who are not voting, and everywhere people lambast them for it.

Anyone have any nominations for best line?
“OK, now your vote didn’t count.”

I’ve just started watching South Park recently. I saw last night’s episode, the Lord of the Rings episode, and one other. I can’t believe I never really watched it until now. I guess I just figured it would pale in comparison to The Simpsons. This show is fricking hilarious. One thing I noticed in the three episodes I watched were how tight
the plots were. A premise was set up immediately and then resolved in fine style. Is
this the case with most of the episodes?

Your friends don’t have to vote, but they are not allowed to voice any political opinions for the next four years. You don’t vote,you can’t bitch.

Sorry, but this epised had some good bits (particualrly Trey Parker rapping), but the overall theme was facile and superficial. It’s one thing to say that unifromed voters shouldn’t participate, but it’s quite another to say that voting itself doesn’t matter. If y people just want the government to tell them what to do and if they abidcate thier right to chosse their leaders, then they really ought to move to a country more to their liking, like China or North Korea.

Giant douche or turd sandwich? Yeah, that’s funny but way too glib. To say that there are not substantial differences between Kerry and Bush (or in my congressional district Moran and Cheney) is nothing more than gross ignorance of the issues.

American servicepeople are dying right now in an unnecessary war that distracts from the real security issues we face. Do you think we’d be at war if Gore had won in 2000? “Giant douche or turd sandwich”–Trey and Matt ought to be slapped for selling voter apathy as praiseworthy.

Wow. You’re taking this way too seriously.
BTW the other one I saw was the one about saying shit on TV. I think the social satire is more incisive than even The Simpsons.

That’s because political participation is a serious issue.

Which is why it is used as Satire so much :stuck_out_tongue:

…because? You know P Diddy is rich, right?

I thought the most telling bit was when the turd sandwich paused for a long time after being asked a question, then proceeded to not answer it.

I agree with the final message of the show. It’s ALWAYS between a douche and some turd.

I’m with gobear. Seems to me like Matt and Trey are full participants in the conservative effort to suppress voter turnout. I’ve seen Republican after Republican deriding voter turnout initiatives and trying (sometimes subtly, sometimes not) to discourage people from voting. The reason? Big turnout generally means Democratic victories.

I knew Matt and Trey were conservative in outlook (Libertarian, more specifically). I don’t agree with their philosophy, but before now I thought they had some integrity. It seems to me that with this episode they are just working very hard to protect their tax cuts.

gobear is absolutely right on another point. To imply that there is no difference between the candidates is either grossly ignorant or intentionally deceptive. I lean toward the latter.

“Wow you guys really do love animals.” The deadpan delivery was perfect

spoke- yes calling the president a turd-sandwich is on the conservative agenda. Lighten up. And by the way conservative does not equal libertarian whether you use caps or not. Bush is about as far from libertarian as you can get. If Matt and Trey are true libertarians then I am sure they are equally displeased with both candidates, hence the show.

George Carlin has a nifty bit about this old canard – basically, nonvoters have more of a right to complain, because they didn’t do anything to fuck things up even more. The rule should be if your guy wins, you’re not allowed to complain.

I enjoyed the ep, too. It wasn’t “Jonathan Edward is the Biggest Douche in the Universe” good, but it was a good show overall.