South Park 3/18: "The Coon"

Well, we know who he is not. He’s not Kyle, Token, Jimmy or Timmy.

I too thought it was going to be Kenny. I still think it is.

I loved how everyone knew Professor Choas and General Disarray (my favorite villian name) were the bad guys.

Nitpick: His name’s Clyde. Clyde Donovan, as a matter of fact.

That was awesome. The entire town knows who they are and believe in their identities!

“I think I can get a clean shot!”

“Do you really think bullets can harm Professor Chaos?”

No, for that you would need a ninja star!

Well, Professor Chaos had already tried(badly) to flood the world. He did point attention to this during a football game.

Not to mention switching the soups at TGIF’s and cutting the head off a local statue.

I’ve missed a lot of South Park.

Who was it? Stan? They all look alike when they’re not in their winter coats and hats.

That was the joke. Everyone knows but the viewers.

Mysterion guessing The Coon’s secret identity, based on body type - had it narrowed down to Eric Cartman, Bruce Vilanch, or Harvey Fierstein. :smiley:

Agreed. :slight_smile:

You’re right. As well, I think I was mixing up Clyde and Craig. Craig is the one that went with them to Peru right?

I still think it was Clyde; why else would they draw attention to him sleeping like that?

Other highlights: Chaos Cube and Minions, and the return of the Airport Ramada concierge.

nitpick; Airport Hilton
I thought it was a pretty good episode, I think it was Clyde too, but that might be to obvious a guess.

At the beginning it think what Cartmen said was “a black man was elected president, he said things would change, they didn’t.”