South Park 3/18: "The Coon"

A pretty good one tonight, if a bit dated. It was a TDK sendup when Watchmen would have been more timely. Still a pretty great episode. Loved the dueling, gravelly Christian Bale voices (Mysterion’s was better), and the reveal of Mysterion’s secret identity was awesome. I totally knew it was him.

The opening pull-away from the newspaper towards the rooftop was reminiscent of Watchmen’s opening scene (the graphic novel; I haven’t seen the movie).


TDK=The Dark Knight

Aaaah, OK. Thanks,

Lots of swearing. I don’t know from tdk at all, but it was compelling.

The coons narration reminded me more of Rorschars diary than anything else.

I don’t think I got a single laugh out of the whole episode, except maybe a chuckle at the wrongness of Cartman calling himself The Coon.

Wasn’t one of my favorites. either, for some reason. In fact, I fell asleep and missed the ending. Who was Mysterian, anyway?

The voices were great. Hell, even the Coon’s was pretty good. I liked the little ladder they had leading into police headquarters. Nice touch.

I thought it was great. It was a parody/send up of Watchmen (the intro and some camera work, as well as the narration,) The Dark Knight (gravely voice, working with police,) and The Spirit (being on the rooftop talking about “My City.”)

Maybe you’d find it funnier if you’re a big fan of comics and comic-book movies?

SkeptiJess: The “reveal” at the end basically didn’t prove anything. Since aside from Cartman and Token, all the kids have the same face shape and are only told apart from hair and clothes, we never found out who it was. They pulled back their mask but kept it covering their hair, so while all the townspeople were like “oh, of COURSE” we are left going “it could still be anyone!”

It was Wendy. She nonchalantly walked by and asked Cartman why he was so sure it was one of the boys while all the boys were being very admiring of Mysterion.

Ah… well, too bad I fell asleep – I would have found that pretty amusing, actually.

Was Wendy one of the names that Cartman guessed when he was talking to Mysterion, though? Cartman said it was one of the names he had guessed.

One person we know it can’t be is Kyle, since we saw Mysterion talking to him. We did see Clive falling asleep in class. Could that be because he’d been out the night before?

A secret life for Kenny would be pretty funny, especially since it would involve the reveal of the great, gravelly voice.

That doesn’t prove it was her. She might have just been playing devils advocate or just not really caring.

At the end, Mysterion does take off his(her?) mask, but doesn’t speak and the face is the same featureless face they all have. Everyone in the crowd says “So that’s who it was” but nobody actually says the name. Mr. Garrison even says “So it was someone from my class”.

Am I off base thinking the Coon saving the world and Obama being a black president were connected?

In Cartman’s “Rorschach’s Diary” monologue they showed an Obama poster covered with graffitti and Cartman saying something about "a black man"being elected President, but I didn’t quite catch exactly what he said.

We do know Cartman is a racist, though.

That is who I was hoping it was especially w/the gravelly voice.

Another vote for Kenny, especially since he’s rarely seen out of his parka.

I was flipping between commercials during Life On Mars so I didn’t see all of the episode.

I didn’t see the part where Cartman was talking to Wendy, but she was my original guess. I abandoned that when Mysterion said Kyle was the smartest person in class. Didn’t Kyle and Wendy have a feud over who was the smarter/better student in one episode? I could be remembering that wrong.

I think it was Clive though. Cartman did accuse him at one point, and as **Diogenes **pointed out, his sleeping was probably a subtle clue. He’s gotten a little more air time in the past season or so and it wouldn’t really be out of character for him.

A pretty good episode; nothing great, but not among the worst. Professor Chaos is always good for a smile, at least.