South Park: Mysterion Rising (open spoilers)

So the Kenny theorists were right. It makes so much sense in retrospect. His superpower was so obvious all along.

I’m pretty sure that Cthulhu is only the second most evil thing in the universe.

Oh right, part 2 of THAT. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll pass this week. At least the new Nerd video is up, so I have something to laugh at before bed.

You didn’t have to open the thread.

It had to be either Kenny or Clyde anyway because they showed all of them at one point without their costumes and they were the only two that couldn’t be easily matched up, with one of the other heroes except for Mosquito before this episode, and then they revealed who it was when his mom showed up. But, like you say, in hindsight, it does seem pretty obvious, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I liked the episode, nice to see the references to the new Batman movie, the LeBron commercial, and the antics of Cartman with Ktulu were amusing. Definitely the revelation of Kenny as Mysterion was pretty awesome and the tie back to his old ways.

Yeah, the LeBron send up was great.

So now we also know that Clyde is Mosquito, which means that, by process of elimination, Human Kite has to be Kyle. But who is Mintberry Crunch?

It seems to me that they could have let Butters out of that cage, by the way.

IIRC they showed Kyle in the last episode carrying his costume; if nothing else, the voice should give it away. I’d figured out Stan as Tool Shed by the voice too, but they also showed him at one point responding to an alarm, then they showed him walking into the basement. And, of course, Timmy and Token as Iron Maiden and Tupperware need no explanation.

As for Mintberry Crunch, I didn’t recognize him when they showed him without his costume, but it was easy to match him up since you can see half his face in costume anyway. I figure the kid is completely new for this set of episodes and will then disappear just so they could do the gag of the lamest hero ever. I strongly suspect he’s inspired by Aquaman.

The more important question than why they haven’t let Butters out yet is why his minion General Disarray hasn’t tried to spring him. He’s not much of an evil minion.

coon/cthulu’s interaction was a reference to “my neighbor totoro”, random i know

OK, I don’t follow sports. What was the LeBron sendup?
Cthulu was really beautiful animation!
Both Mr. singular and I said “what a lame ending” and we were both relieved to see there was another chapter coming next week. Hopefully General Disarray will rescue Butters - he’s missed four days of school!

Mintberry Crunch is Bradley. He’s not that new a character, but was just used in backgrounds and has only had a couple lines, so yeah, no one really knows who he is. I only know because it was talked about on another board I frequent.

The “what should I do?” sequence was a spoof of a currently running Nike commercial where LeBron repeatedly asks the same question.

Loved the episode. The lines by Mysterions parents after he left had me cracking up.

Mom: “Did that really just happen?”
Dad: “I don’t think so.”

There’s a third part? Excellent. This should rank right up there with the “Imaginationland” trilogy. Hopefully, there’ll be a DVD release.

Pretty good part. I didn’t really laugh out loud but I liked it.

It did make me feel bad for Kenny though.

I didn’t know his parents were crackheads. Poor kid.


I had always wondered if Kenny was aware of his multiple deaths. It has been hinted at before. For example, in “Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo” (season 1), Kenny breathed a sigh of relief at the end of that one that he hadn’t been killed, despite being put into a couple of life-threatening situations. And in “Cherokee Hair Tampons” (season 4) Kenny became upset at Stan for crying because Kyle was suffering from kidney failure and might die without a transplant from Cartman, where it seemed Stan was ignorant of Kenny’s many deaths. Now it’s confirmed.

And of course, the explanation suggested in “Cartman Joins NAMBLA” (also season 4) turns out to be completely wrong.

Is that what Captain Hindsight would say after seeing this episode? :smiley:

I fucking loved it. Way to go Kenny. (Although I didn’t like how Cartman charmed Cthulu. I knew it had to be from something – even if I didn’t know what – but that knowledge didn’t make it funny or less lame.)

Liked it better than the first part. Looking forward to next week. All the cliche comic book lines really did it for me.

It seems they know that Kenny comes back to life, too. I loved how when Mysterion was killed, they immediately rushed back to Kenny’s house and got him out of bed.

Can’t wait for the next episode!


I don’t think it was immediate, I think it was a separate scene taking place the next morning.