South Park: Mysterion Rising (open spoilers)

Yeah, they did ask Kenny why he ran off. In spite of the classic “OH, MY GOD! They killed Kenny!” “YOU BASTARDS!” when he was killed.

Yeah I guess Kenny would obviously be the one with a hood and…mysterious…

I was very lucky - I happened to not fast forward through this show commercial, so I recognized the parody. OTOH I have no idea what it was about beyond the commercial they were parodying… (and’ it’s vague resemblance to the BP commercials)…

Really? He sounded an awful lot like Butters (and had a lame enough identity other than Butters’ supposed bad identity being bars already)…

You mean… Methheads

No consistency - on at least one occasion we saw Kenny reincarnate by rebirth from his mother’s vagina rather than simply waking up in bed. And truly, the motion picture was the first time it was even addressed. I think the true answer is “whatever is convenient to plot”.

I noticed in one of the airings of this SP episode, they showed the LeBron “What should I do?” ad during the commercial break just minutes before it was parodied.

Those comic book pages they used for a lot of stuff, I loved those.

I also like how they got all meta about people all over the internet asking who was who last week. Everyone calling Mysterion Kenny even before anything happened to prove it to us, Mosquito’s mom calling him (with the other’s whose identities were in doubt standing next to him silently until he responded), Kite saying the classic “you bastards” line. Kewl.

Ditto. I thought the first one was completely stupid and unfunny, I am missing any “Coon” related episodes on purpose.

Looked like a joint to me.

Why are the kids still calling themselves “Coon & Friends” ?

Because it pisses Cartman off.

Clearly the lesson of Scott Tenorman has been forgotten.

I’m predicting that the latest “shocking twist” that will be revealed in the next episode of SP is that…

[spoiler]Kenny’s biological father is actually Cthulu!

think about it, what are the chances of two “normal” humans producing offspring incapable of dying? IIRC, Kenny has a brother that’s never seen on screen, only referred to offhand

plus, Kenny seemed to recognize the “in stranger Aeons, Death may die” line for some reason, it seemed to resonate within him

I see it this way, Mr. and Mrs McCormick go to the Cthulu society party, Mrs McC gets drunk and somehow impregnated by either a cult member channeling the Big C, or by Big C Himself, but since she doesn’t remember what happened at the party, she thinks her husband is the father of her unborn child, that becomes Kenny [/spoiler]

remember, I predicted it here first…

I liked the Goth kids in this one. “It’ll be like a Nine Inch Nails concert that last forever . . .”

Just remember that Kenny doesn’t come back to life so much as reincarnate very quickly (except that one time when it took a while. Burning his corpse apparently slows him down a lot. And getting stuck inside someone else probably didn’t help.)

The pickiest of nits. Kenny’s brother shows up a lot. He just doesn’t have any lines.

This doesn’t necessarily disprove your theory, however.

GOTH KID 1: Hey, I don’t wanna kill anybody!

GK2: Dude, we’re Dark Lord minions now! What did you think we’d be doing?!

GK1: Whatevs!

It needs to cover all the Kennys, though. Remember, every time Kenny dies, he gets replaced by an identical copy. Perhaps, once you are impregnated by Cthulu, you never stop having babies. And the McCormicks don’t notice since they keep having sex all the time, and probably attribute a lot of weird stuff to their drug use.

Yeah…there’s no consistency with this. In one episode, he keeps getting reborn from his Mom and growing very fast. But in other episodes, including this one, he just pops back into existence with no one remembering he even died.