South Park 3/30

Wow! We get the PSP and discussion of the Terri Shaivo case all in one episode! So does this mean Kenny will be dead next week?

That was freaking great. I loved that episode :D. BFF, LOL!

As for the spoiler, nah, I don’t think so. After all, it’s not like it’s the first time.

I liked it. Best one of the season so far. Oh, and apparently Japanese people have no souls. Who knew?

“Basically, Kenny, you are Keanu Reeves.”

Great episode, especially considering it was at least partially an ‘issue’ episode and those are so often sub-par. Not sure how well it’ll hold up long-term but was worth the laughs tonight at least :slight_smile:

Thanks for the spoiler box, *Tuckerfan! I was thinking, ‘Already? It’s only 7:30!’

(I don’t really mind South Park spoilers. Just Survivor spoilers.)

How do they get these current events eps out so fast? I remember the same thing with Elian Gonzales a few years ago.

This was probably the best episode of the season so far. I loved how they didn’t show the battle but only Gabriel’s reaction to it. “oh my God! This is bigger than the final battle in Lord of the Rings.” heh heh.

Also, I loved the demon whispering into Tom Delay’s ear (at least I think it was Tom Delay).

Apparently using the animation software they have, they can get an episode completed, from brainstorming ideas to airing on Comedy Central, in one week.

I really liked how when the angel was diagramming the plan, he’d pause every so often to sniff the marker. LOL!

“We’ll use the Republicans” <-- Best line (and I’m a Republican :D)

Nah, by far the best, funniest and most relevent line was when the lawyer finally read the last page of Kenny’s will detailing his wishes:

If I wind up in a permanent vegetative state, please, for the love of god don’t ever show me in that condition on national television!

Truely a laugh out loud moment for me!

Very good episode, they packed a lot of material into those 21 minutes. In addition to the stuff mentioned above, I was amused by Satan’s sinister henchman/boyfriend having the dread-inspiring name of “Kevin.”

Yeah, that was amusing, but I basically figured that was basically what he was going to say, looking at the context of when the ‘announcement’ was made.

Definitely! The Elian Gonzales one was even quicker, if I recall. The raid (with the photo of soldier with gun and Elian in closet) was on Easter Sunday, I think. And the parody episode (complete with that image) was Wed, three days later.

Did anybody else think that demon was kind of supposed to look like “The Phantom Menace” (Darth Sidious)?

Try Wormtongue.

Definately not the quickest though. Remember the episode where they go to canada, and the prime minister turns out to be SADDAM HUSSEIN, with the beard and all? He was captured like the day before, IIRC. That’s the quickest one I remember.

Nevermind, just looked it up, Sunday -> Wednesday also.

I just can’t figure out if they were riffing on The Last Starfighter or Ender’s Game.

I like how they referenced the episode where only Mormons were allowed into Heaven. But they started letting in other faiths to beef up their army.

The one that I’ll always remember was the kindergarten election where Flora couldn’t make up her mind on the Trapper Keeper episode. They aired that on Wednesday November 15th, with the election having been on the seventh. That was by far my favorite current events spoofe.

I loved last night’s episode. Truly one of my favorites.

Isn’t Kevin the name of the Doctor’s sidekick? (What’s the doctor’s name, anyway? I can never remember it.)

This was a great episode. Not only was it funny, it REALLY did a good job of framing the debate.

In a nation where the Democrats no longer act like Democrats, and the Republicans are not at all acting liking conservatives, I often find that I am most ideologically aligned with South Park.

I find that sad.

“Basically, you’re Keanu Reeves.”

A classic. One of their strongest ever, except for Woodland Critter Christmas.