south park question

recently I saw the episode of South Park with the NAMBLA convention. The episode features a the two NAMBLA groups, the kids, the FBI, and Kenny’s parents chasing each other in a Hotel hallway while a french-like tune plays in the background. What is this a parody of?

I thought it was Scooby-Doo, but why the waiter says something like “Suc-le-vu!” (SP??) Is beyond me.

In short, I don’t know.

scooby-doo does come to mind when I see that part, but I was thinking it was a parody of some French comedy. I say that because of the French sounding music, the waiter, and the bicycles and performing poodles.

Watching that episode right now. The waiter said, “sacre bleu!” Which is some kind of French expression of surprise.

As for the hallway scene, that’s an old comedy bit which may even go as far back as Chaplin or Keystone Cops movies. I know I’ve seen it in several television shows and a film or two.

I think it’s sort of a general parody of French farces. Many French farces end in much the same way as the South Park episode: in a big house or hotel, with lots of doors, people running around in various states of undress, and someone getting knocked over.

At least, that’s how A Flea In Her Ear ended…

I meant to say I think it goes back as far as Chaplin…

Yes, it’s definately a reference to French farces - probably dating back to the times of Molière and the likes.

It’s also a staple routine in a lot of cartoons. I’m sure I’ve seen it plenty in the old Warner Bros. cartoons. And there’s a similar scene in The Yellow Submarine. Actually, a couple of similar scenes.

Now that I think of it, I think I’ve seen Abbott and Costello do that type of thing…

The hallway bit can also be seen (but not as a chase, just as a bit of fun) in the opening (pre-credits) sequence of A Shot In the Dark (the second Inspector Clouseau movie, and the one that really set the tone for the Pink Panther sequels that followed).