South Park title song

I’ve heard from a reliable rumour-monger that when Kenny sings his gibberish during the theme song, he really is saying something, but you can’t understand it unless you slow down the audio (apparently this was done at a website). Does anyone know if Kenny IS saying anything, and what it is? Or do I have to kill my source?

These are supposedly the lyrics Kenny is singing (at regular speed, BTW, but muffled):

“I like girls with big fat titties
I like girls with big vaginas”

Parker & Stone (the creators) have not actually denied this, but they haven’t acknowledged it, either.

I think that was just the first few seasons, Kenny’s gibberish sounds different lately.

Good point Blue! Nothing Kenny says is sped up. It is just muffled. So many people don’t realize this…

I second Mr. Blue Sky’s post. For the first few seasons it was pretty clear that he was saying “I like girls with big fat titties / I like girls with big vaginas”, but it’s different now. Sounds as if he’s saying “titties” both times.

Of course, everyone knows Kenny is a horn-dog.

I think it’s reversed, if I may be so bold. I’m pretty good at picking up what Kenny says. In fact, I can do a pretty good Kenny myself (keep mouth closed and nose stopped- talk, and make sure to reinhale the air after a coupla words- doesn’t sound right to you, but it should to others).

Big vaginas, big fat titties.

While we’re on this topic, I have a favorite stupid song and right now it’s “The most offensive christmas song ever writteen” or somesuch. By Kenny and Mr. Hankey. Who knew blasphemy could sound so adorable?


D’oh! I mean, I think not that Kenny’s voice is backwards, but that the stanzas offered were backwards.


p.s.- “Cuz giving head brings peace and love and joy”

I think they have, actually. I have an issue of Guitar for the Practicing Musician at home that contains an interview with them as well as a transcription of the title song by Primus. I know that the transcription contains the lyrics as you have them here, and I believe they mention it in the interview as well. I’ll look it up when I’m at home.

I’d love to know just what Kenny is singing on that track - could you perhaps post the lyrics or point me to a web site that contains the demuffled lyrics?

do you know some of what he’s saying, or not at all? I don’t know of any lyric sites, but I can grab a couple of lines here and there.


p.s.- the chorus is “You can suck all the dick you want, and still be a virgin, Mary”

Hi jb,

I just finished rooting around at and found the following lyrics for the song:

“The Most Offensive Song Ever”
[Track 16 from the Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics CD]
Kenny Translation by Bao Lammy (
Revision: 12/21/2000

KENNY : 'Cause you can suck all the dick you want,
BOTH : And still be a virgin, Mary!
KENNY : You can suck all the dick you want,
MR. HANKEY: And still not be considered flawed.
KENNY : Although you like to play,
Have sex right through the mouth –
BOTH : You’re still a virgin in the eyes of God!
[note: copyrighted lyrics redacted. Do you have a more direct link, pasiphae? -manhattan]

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[note: copyrighted lyrics redacted. Do you have a more direct link, pasiphae? -manhattan]

Oops! Apologies if I acted inappropriately by posting the song lyrics to the message board. I found the lyrics here:

[hijack]Um, why would Kenny like big vaginas? I thought you guys liked small ones.[/hijack] :smiley:

jb, I have that song, too! It’s horribly offensive.

IIRC, the Kenny voice is made just by forming a fist, and putting it in front of your mouth, and speaking.

Seems to work well for me.


Offensive, yeah. But the very last line (“Mary, suck my dick! Hah hah heh heh!”) is soo fucking cute!!

Anyway, pasiphae, the link you provided seemed to be on target, except for “Although you like to play, Have sex right through the mouth”. That just can’t be right. I’ll have to give it another listen.

p.s.- Homer, are you aware of the DopeFest? Check the toking a smokey thread in GQ.

p.p.s.- nothing, just like having post post scripts

jables: Yeah, I saw that. If it’s Midwest, I’m up for it. :wink:


I like the song Merry F*cking Christmas even better. Mr Garrison rules!