Southern Baptists and women preachers/pastors

My wife’s church (a Southern Baptist type) recently hired a woman as head pastor and now the Baptist Association wants to kick them out because of it. Ahhhh, Christian tolerance and love. A spokesman for the Assoc. said that he could find no basis for women pastors in the Bible. What the hell does that have to do with anything? He also stated that the Assoc. doesn’t have a specific “to or not to do” list and that each church must make its own decisions, but that having a woman as a pastor is a big no-no. This woman has increased membership and donations and appears to be well-liked. I say if she’s doing the job she was hired to do, it shouldn’t matter if she wasn’t born with a penis. BTW, I’m an atheist and am actually loving all of this furor. It goes well with these recent Southern Baptist events that occured here:

A well-respected head pastor of one the largest Baptist churches is caught doing his Peeping Tom bit at a motel and trying to cash a $25,000 check written to and signed by himself. (The bank caught and called the church). The morons at this church let this man have carte blanche with the money AND gave him complete acces to the tithing records!!!

Another “well-respected” head pastor started at the church when it had a $200,000 debt. Now, 3 years later, it has a $850,000 debt and the church has not purchased or improved any ownings!! The preacher also “forgot” to file federal income taxes for 4 years!! He said that he wasn’t trying to deliberately (sp?) rip off the gov, but that he “suffered a mental block” in “forgetting” to file. BTW, he got FOUR MONTHS for the tax evasion!!!

Please don’t use the term “moron” if you can help it. It is hurtful to people who have down syndrome and their families.
This is not intended as an insult–just a very polite and humble request.
Thank you.

Opposition to female pastors is based primarily on 1 Tim 2:11-12.

Subjugation of women is quite a popular theme in the bible. See Also:
Gen 3:16
Est 1:20
1Cr 11:3, 14:34
Eph 5:22
Col 3:18
1Pe 3:1

Well, my preacher brother in law actually interprits a passage in the bible as saying a woman should not have short hair, and as a reslut, if my sister were to get a haircut, he would probably be pissed about it all.

Needless to say, in his place a woman’s place is by her man’s side, in silence…

Yer pal,

The preacher who used to come around the university quad used to interpret the Bible to say that men should have short hair. Then one day he passed around a sketch of Jesus drawn by some religious woman (he implied it was inspired directly by God) – lo and behold, Jesus had long hair. He was most unappreciative when I pointed this out. :slight_smile:

David, you forgot the fact that Jesus had every one of the prejudices of someone aged 55 in the mid-1950’s. Or at least that’s what the ministers I knew as a kid managed to convey to me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, smilingjaws, the term “moron” doesn’t bother me, nor most of the other folk I know who have children with, or who themselves have, Down Syndrome.

There is, however, another “m” word that most of us don’t care for, but “moron” ain’t it.

Flick Lives!

The last time I heard of a “mentally challenged” person called a “moron” was in a psychology textbook I used in high school (TWENTY YEARS AGO!!). Words like moron and imbecile and been relegated to the public domain and are usually used to describe people who fail to use common sense.

My nephew has down syndrome. His mother, my sister, has corrected me on this. I assumed (we all know what that means) that it is still regarded as a mean thing to say because some ignorant people still use the term to refer to individuals who have down syndrome.
That’s my experience. Guess it’s not universal. Thanks for the insight.

Women serving as pastors? My God, what’s this world coming to! Next thing you know, women are going to be demanding the right to vote!

I’m not flying fast, just orbiting low.

Women demanding the right to vote? Preposterous! Why, next thing you know, they’ll be demanding reproductive freedom!

Sotto voce: What? They have? Really?

Never mind. . .

Flick Lives!

Jaws, I have no doubt that your sister feels pretty strongly about certain words that are used by the ignorant to describe those with Down Syndrome. If she said that use of the word “moron” is offensive, then I, for one, shall try to refrain from using it.

Flick Lives!

Women as pastors? Women demanding the right to vote? Women demanding reproductive freedom? These things wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for letting them read and think…

As a recovering Southern Baptist (it’s like being an alcoholic–you never really get over it), things like this always sadden me. If they took half the energy they put into their boycotts and denouncements and put it into something constructive–say, feeding the poor–they could really be doing some good for the world.

Dr. J

You did already mention this but it’s worth repeating–each Southern Baptist Church is independent. I attended one where two (out of 7) of the church’s ministers were women and they did preach sermons occasionally.
Of course, that church largely considered themselves moderate SB vs. the conservatives who have been so vocal in the past few years.

Oh, DrJ, I knew there was a reason I liked you. It’s the same thing for us raised AofG! Recovery, brother, recovery. Stand firm! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: