Southern Belle can bite my shiny metal ass

It’s been about a month since I had internet or phone service. I moved to a new neighborhood, and in the process of finishing said neighborhood, some phone lines were cut. Builder and Bell passed the buck for several weeks (I had to go second hand through the builder, was not allowed to complain to Bell as I was setting up phone service through a third party) and now …

For the last two weeks the line has been “Well, we have to do some cabling, no we can’t tell you where or when, we can’t comment on holes in your neighbor’s lawn, we can’t tell you if they’ve lodged a complaint, we can’t tell you what we’re doing or when we’ll do it or when you can get phone service.”

My closing was already delayed once because of the hurricanes (understandable, utilities can’t deal with new construction when there are current customers without. Fine by me) here in Florida. But they’re still blaming the hurricanes for the problem and delays. Months later. Eons later. And when it’s only a couple of us (four) out of service.

And now they’ve sent me a post card detailing what they’re going to charge me every month … though they can’t tell me when that will begin.

I called them again this morning (last time was on the 22nd … after daily calling since the 11th to get resolution) and same answer. “Have to do some cabling, we’re supposed to go out to the site and asses it today.” At least they haven’t mentioned hurricanes.



I think it’s time to call the cable company and give a big FU to the phone people. I don’t care if internet cable sucks - it’s better than nothing at this point. But cable sucks too … so much for getting satellite service. :frowning: