Southern California Doper Bash, Can it be done?

Ok. I was afraid to do this.
But, Chicago and New York and everyone seemed to have quite a bit of fun. I wanted to see if any of us shiney happy people would be interested in getting together for a SDMB southland fest.

I don’t have any ideas of the wheres or whens. Just trying to find out if anyone is interested.

Whaddya all think? Is there enough of us?


FWIW, I will be in Anaheim for a few days sometime in the near future.

Since our Puget Sound get-together was a washout (BurnMeUp is a very nice guy but two people hardly constitute a bash! We didn’t even have a noseless dog to look at!) I’d like to drop by if it happens at a time when I’m there. I’ll keep an eye on your schedule.

“Vandelay!! Say Vandelay!!”

i live in LA… let me know whats up

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