Southern California Dopers Unite!

On my new user group! This will make Dopefests and Doper get-togethers easier, not to mention region-specific questions and requests, without anyone having to give their exact location out if they don’t want to.

Joined. So, how exactly do user groups work?

You know I would, my love, but alas! I am a mere guest- meaning I can’t do these new fangled things.

I’m on that list in spirit, though. I promise.

Tried to click on the link, no such luck - help! We are Palm Springs dopers, would love to be in your So. Cal. group

I’m not allowed to join, and I don’t know why. :frowning:


I guess it’s just too exclusive for the likes of us. :frowning:
ets: It’s all Skip’s doing. He shut off the groups until the server settles down. Somebody Pit the bastard!

Diosa! Long time no post. New server, and Diosa is back. Talk about a great day. Now if I could only join this group…

Yeah me too. :frowning:

Since the thread is here, if anybody is interested the Ojai Pirate Faire is in a few weeks. I’ll be there if anybody wants to say hi.

I’m currently in San Jose, but I was born in La Jolla, and consider San Diego my hometown. Can I be a semi-member or something?

Since they’re disabled at least for the moment, why the hell not? (where is the line to divide NoCal and SoCal, anyway? Fresno? Bakersfield?)

Hah! I got in before it was shut down! I am the greatest! (or so I’ll continue to tell myself until the rest of you get in on it)

L.A. lurker here, but I’ll join for the solidarity.

Wasn’t it Groucho who said something like, “I wouldn’t want to be a member of a group that would have me!”

Yeah. Ditto.

(stupid, idiot SoCal group… I didn’t want in anyways!)

wanders off and kicks the cat

I can’t sign up, but I’ll just wave and go back to my cave.

Really? Because I’d probably say “O hai”.

Man, I’m so friggin’ funny. Are guys sure I can’t be in your group? :wink:

… Now I wish I had a picture of a cat in a pirate hat.

Untie what?:confused::smiley:

We could always start an off-board mailing list or something. I’m a little disappointed that the groups were there and then gone. Oh well.

And welcome back, Diosa!