Southern Comfort on HBO

Have any of you seen this? It’s about transsexuals in the southern USA.

I’m watching it with my mouth agape and my eyes wide, saying to myself “gawd, this is so bizarre”, but at the same time I’m very glad these people are able to be happy and have found themselves in a section of the country that’s overwhelmingly prejudiced against the transgendered, homosexuals, etc.

And these folks profiled look like the quintessential trailer rednecks, I’ll tell ya whut. (I can say that because that’s the stock I came from. Still am at heart, I think)

The couples profiled include an older man who used to be a woman—This dude looks like a skinny Hank Williams junior, down to the big black hat and pipe. He’s together with a dude named Lola that’s a transvestite (Or it may be a guy in the middle of the sex change procedures, I dunno). These folks are pleased as punch with each other, love each other like crazy. They live in a trailer among acres of land.

Another couple is younger…A younger guy that used to be a girl, also with a transgendered man. I think. It could actually be a woman that he’s with that has the slight moustache. But I think it’s another man. You just can’t tell these days…

Another couple includes a fairly typical middle aged, big haired skinny blonde woman with prominent upper teeth and big glasses, with a chubby guy that has a beard–who used to be a woman as well. They met at a trailer park, but now live in a house.

Wow. These folks look like people that I see and talk to everyday. Some of 'em remind me of my boyfriend’s friends, family, and acquaintances.

Cool show! Watch it if you get a chance. A real eye opener for me.