Southern Fried Stings - AWFUL.

Has anyone ever seen this terrible show? I accidentally caught about three minutes of it on TruTV. I am not sure exactly why they are calling themselves TruTV since many of their shows are absolute fantasy. Anyways, this Southern Fried Stings is an atrocity and should be tried for war crimes. It was obviously fake, as the acting was terrible.

The part I watched they were in some kind of tuxedo shop where a guy was trading dresses for sex. They bust in some backroom where this dude is screwing some chick. Then a jackass in a bow tie attacks him.

Who watches these shows? Who thought it was a good idea ito turn these so called “real life” situations into an awful TV show and call t reality TV. I guess they are in the same vein as Lizard Lick Towing and Operation Repo. They are horrible and I see no reason why they are still on the air. What is the demographic for this shit?

“You have to understand, these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the New West. You know… morons!”
— Jim, Blazing Saddles

Definitely scripted. Are we running out of real life nutjobs? Must be.

I think the demographic is people who want to watch some TV but don’t want to commit to a 30- or 60-minute program. You can turn to Tru-TV and watch car chases and traffic accidents and clumsy daredevils for a minute, and move on.

Have you seen All Worked Up? I’m not sure if that’s the name, but it’s about a “process server”. Apparently he reads the “legal” papers before “serving” them. "If you hadn’t cheated on your husband, he wouldn’t be divorcing you!’ “If you paid your bills, you wouldn’t be sued!” Stooooooopid.

Souther Fried Stings is one of the worst shows on tv right now. Bad actors recreating stings.

*All Worked Up *is equally horrible as is it’s spin-off Lizard Lick Towing.

I used to watch *Repo Wars * until I learned that they too are actors recreating events that are supposed to have occured.

I think it appeals to the same people who think big time wrestling is real.

Maybe TruTV was created by the producers of Cops, so they could have something to compare themselves favorably to?

At the risk of subjecting myself to humiliation, Girl Wonder loves this show.

Bad television can be entertaining, but this is just off the charts. The goal of these fake reality programs I can only assume is to be believable, but the situations are so unrealistic the suspension of disbelief is impossible.

As I’ve said elsewhere, it really should be called “Lowest Common Denominator TV” but that doesn’t make for a neat little logo.


Name sounds like a plate of battered bee butts with the stickers left in.

Show sounds about as appetizing.

They’d have trouble getting a trademark.

Watched a few early episodes. Had potential. Then they screwed it up with the same lame idiocy as all the other “reality” shows. Concentrate more on people arguing and blaming each other, much of it utterly contrived, than the actual substance that the show was originally about. Actually, it’s like Soap Operas for the Clampett clan. (Or the Clintons.)