Southwest campout venue change - La Sals between Moab and Grand Junction

If any of you Dopers from the Southwest US are interested in doing some hiking, camping, and/or fishing this weekend, my hiking club (just a few of us, actually) will be cmaping in the La Sal mountains east of Moab, UT. This is a change from the original plan to camp in southwest CO. We plan to get there Friday afternoon (8/18) and leave Sunday morning (8/20). You, of course, may show up and leave whenever you want. If you’re interested (and spontaneous), please let me know here or through email. If supplies are a problem for you, we can bring extras.

I wasn’t going to post this (if I was I would’ve posted it earlier), but then I realized the new location may be more convenient to some Dopers than SW Colorado.

Crap, I always forget to check the “Email Notification” box.

Sounds like fun Strainger but I’ll be camping with a friend at Perry lake for the SASS cowboy shoot Saturday. It’s Dave, the guy you met at PR&G, the one wearing the funny hat. He’s never slept out of doors in his life AFAIK and acting like a little kid afraid of the boogie man.

Well, I had one guy cancel because of his work schedule (most overused excuse in the book) and another one because he’s proposing to his girlfriend this weekend (damn p-whipped son-of-a…), so I’m canceling this trip. But, we plan to stick this on the calendar for next year because it looks like a good one. We also plan to do some canyon hiking in Colorado (the name of the canyon slips my mind at the moment). I promise to give y’all a better heads-up as these and other trips approach.