Space probe to be launched from Russian sub.

A first I’m sure.

Very cool.

Honest NATO. It’s just a space probe.

Something tells me this is how SKYNet starts the war to take over the world. . .

:: ducks & covers ::

Didn’t this happen once on Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea?

I’m looking forward to seeing how this works. I read an article this weekend on the Cosmos I that said they’re spending ‘only’ $4million US by using ICBM boosters that had to be junked by Russia anyway, hiring out-of-work Russian scientists at a fraction of what it would cost to employ Western scientists and engineers, and not testing and retesting every single phase of the project like NASA or the ESA would do. True, they only expect it to last for a month or so, but it’s only a test platform. And if it all works out right, it will be visible from Earth.

I think it’s an exciting next step.

I read one article claim the project cost $4 million, that seems incredably low for such a momentus event. Space sailing here we come …

This is not the first submarine launch of a satellite. They’ve been doing it since 1998 using converted R-29 ballistic missiles (look under the “1998 Jul 7” entry).

Better still Gerry Anderson’s UFO :smiley:

I agree!

UFO was vastly better than Voyage, if only for the nifty Moonbase girls in the purple wigs. :smiley:

In Soviet Union, probe launches you!