Spaghetti & Meatballs

Is it ALWAYS mandatory to serve Italian meatballs with spaghetti? If so, why? :dubious:

Anybody out there got a meatball recipe that uses another shape or form of pasta?

I sure would like to switch it up good … :eek: :smack:

Kofta Tagine

I recently made stuffed banana peppers but had leftover stuffing. I made mini meatballs with it and put them in baked ziti.

Make a meatball sub. Much better use of meatballs.

I serve spaghetti without meatballs more often than with. Though when I make meatballs it is usually for spaghetti.

Growing up, spaghetti was something we were served only when Dad had to prepare dinner, and he always made it with sliced kielbasa, so that’s what I do when I make it.

I think the question is more about what else to serve Italian style meatballs with, not other uses for spaghetti. You can serve them, as said, in a sandwich. Or meatball soup. Or with orzo if you’re looking for a different type of pasta. There’s also lasagna (see lasagna napoletana.)

Italian style or not, one of my go-to bachelor meals was meatballs in some sauce over egg noodles.

I don’t think I’ve ever made meatballs in my spaghetti. I make meat sauce with onions and mushrooms and ground beef, but no meatballs. Probably because that’s how my mom made it (well, minus the mushrooms because of my fussy sister, but still…)

I love Meatball.

I use penne pasta for nearly everything. If I was serving meatballs, they would be with penne. I seem to have control problems when it comes to eating pasta, and using spaghetti or other long-strand pastas just increases the likelihood that I’ll end up wearing some of the sauce. On the other hand, meatballs aren’t necessary with pasta; I love a variety of different sausages, and I even make a fairly simple garlic and cheese penne side dish.

Same here. The wife generally splits it: half the time it’s spag w/balls, the other half it’s penne w/balls. But Tripolar got it right up above - meatball sub. Much better use of meatballs.

When I go to the trouble to make meatballs I do a triple batch. Throw the extras in the freezer and break them out as needed.

I use slider buns to make mini subs. Just the right size for the 3 year old.

Here’s a recipe for that meatball lasagna I mentioned earlier. Food porn at its finest.

What exactly do you mean by spaghetti? I usually eat meatballs with wide egg noodles and hollandaise sauce, good with sour cream sauce too.

Polenta isn’t just for sausage delivery. Meatballs go well with it also.

Hollandaise sauce sure is different, did you invent that combo? Are you going for a mock Stroganoff taste with the sour cream?

In Sunday gravy, the meatballs (along with sausage, porkchops, or whatever other red meat you have lying around) are generally served with penne or rigatoni.

Swedish meatballs?

Same here. Meatballs, egg noodles, jar of gravy, a few vegetables, top with cheese and french fried onions cooked on Sunday night. Leftovers for lunch all week.