Spain in June

We will be traveling to Spain June 12 thru 19. We are flying into Madrid. Right now the plan is one full day in Madrid, train to Barcelona, two days in Barcelona, train to Valencia, two days in Valencia, the train to Madrid and fly home. Is this trying to do too much? Should we just do Madrid and Barcelona? Any other city suggestions? Any recommendations of things to do in those cities?

I asked similar questions before a trip to the Grand Canyon and as a result got to see Antelope Canyon which was the highlight of the trip, although not well known.


It sounds like you’ll be spread a little thin. I’d pick two cities or even consider skipping Madrid and heading straight out to one of the other cities (nothing against Madrid, just suggesting you skip it since you seem to favor the others in your plan). Keep in mind you might be jet-lagged that first day in Madrid anyway.

You could easily spend a week in Barcelona alone, but there’s also something to be said for seeing more places.

Have you considered flying in to one city and flying back from another? Usually that doesn’t cost extra and it’ll save you time and money on an extra train trip.

If you like trains, be sure to visit the Estació de França, a train station from the 1920s which is currently lightly used but it looks amazing. (When you arrive with the AVE from Madrid you’ll be amazed how ugly the Sants station is.) The Park de la Ciutadella close to Estació de França is pretty cool, especially the arc. Also, if you can see the illuminated water show at the Font Màgica Montjuïc. If you like walking around, the hilly parts of the city are good for that and a bit more out of the way of most tourists.

Madrid is big and not very touristy, investigate the different neighborhoods beforehand and go explore one or two that you think you might like. I always like to see the temple of Debod (an ancient Egyptian temple) at sunset.

Barcelona, on the other hand, is extremely touristy and pick pocketing runs rampant, be very careful with your possessions.

Remember it is going to be very hot. Do indoor things during the peak hours of sunshine.

I spent two weeks in Barcelona last October and still didn’t hit everything I wanted to, although I came close.

Didn’t we have a poster here that lived in Spain?

In Barcelona don’t miss:

Museu Picasso
La Ramblas
Sagradi Familia Cathedral

Poster living in Madrid checking in.

Sounds like a good plan. Train travel is safe and fast. The AVE can be a bit on the expensive side and I’ve found you can usually get MAD-BCN flights for the same amount if you book in advance.

Barcelona is a wonderful city. I love the Gaudi sites and I consider the Parque Guell and la Sagrada Familia as must see destinations. There is also the Spanish Village - “Poble Espanyol” and the marina area. I think 2 days is a minimum you’d want to stay.

Madrid is cosmopolitan with lots of museums if that is your thing. There’s the Royal Palace, the Plaza Mayor to see/hang while roaming around the old parts of the city. Madrid really comes alive at night. Lots of tapas and drinks make for fun until the wee hours.

I’m not so convinced about Valencia. There are some interesting parts of course and some beautiful beach towns outside the city, but I would think about extending BCN and/or MAD. If you extend MAD you can think about including a visit to nearby Toledo and Segovia -very recommendable (train service <1hr).

There is also a possibility to opt to include a visit to Granada which is my personal favorite city in Spain or up to Bilbao or San Sebastian. There’s no AVE train service to these places yet so you’d need to investigate logistics.

En fin… Travel itineraries are based on personal decisions/priorities so it is hard to recommend specifics without knowing who I’m talking to. Safe and enjoyable travels.

Also check out Montserrat if you have the time. Just be sure to bring a jacket and not wear sandals.

Are there any posters on this MB from Spain?

Be prepared to be eating dinner late. Real late. Like restaurants may not even open until 9PM. The food in Madrid is off the chart. Go for tapas, and hit a couple places. Same elsewhere. I was in Madrid twice on business, and we didn’t get much outside of Plaza Mayor, but even that was wonderful.

I second a consideration for San Sebastian if you can squeeze it in.