Spam infiltrates Google News results.

Sure, I’ve seen spam in Google ads, but this is the first time I’ve seen actual spam in the Google News results.

Here is a screenshot.

Apparently, The Boyne City Gazette has compelling news stories about “Penis after taking levitra professional is appreciated price also employees a in that for such kidney perfectly presidential Some susceptible.”

Have I been leading a sheltered life?

FAKE (boner pill) NEWS!

Send an email to the actual Boyne City Gazette and ask them questions about the viagra they’re selling with a tone of wide eyed innocence.

I used the “feedback” link at the top right of the (mobile) page to report the spam. It lets you attach a screen shot but it automatically snaps the shot for you. And I had to be scrolled up to the top to click the feedback link. So the spam wasn’t in the shot.

AD you should report it too and include your imagur URL.

Thanks. I’m using the desktop version and there doesn’t seem to be such a link. There is a “send feedback” link at the bottom, but all it does is send you to the Google “about us” page.

No, it’s just that the Boyne City Gazette is way ahead of the MSM.

Their crack journalists have already identified Levitra Professional Appreciated as the clandestine source/boyfriend of Reality Winner.

I think google health news must be suffering from a stroke.

Its rantings have become totally incoherent.

All three of the above links lead to a Canadian online pharmacy.

Does any of this make sense to native speakers of Canadian?

If you look closely, all three of those “news articles” are bylined “Palate Pres”.

Palate Press appears to be a legit oenophile blog, but those spam word salads appear to be hosted off of that. Which tells me that the blog administrators have screwed up and left their CMS vulnerable to external posters, and spammers have compromised the site to post their own SEO-able fake news articles.

Stupid bloggers.


I saw that yesterday, too, as I use Google news. Trying to read and understand the wording made me think I was having a stroke, before I realized it was a new breed of spam. My email filters get rid of most of that stuff before I see it in my in-box, so I’m out of practice trying to read the spam gibberish wording.

The Register picks up on the story. There’s a bit of technical analysis, too; if you come to the compromised sites with Google News as the Referrer, you get the redirect to the fake Vialis or whatever. If you use a different Referrer string, you get into the intended content of the site. Slightly clever, I suppose.

I hope this silly episode ends up with two positive outcomes: careless blog sites tighten up their hosting and configuration so that spammers can’t host their redirects from them, and Google News tightens up their news-scraping operations to be less stupidly manipulated by the bad guys.