[Spam?] Re: pouchy Meidicatmioons

I don’t usually read the spams I get at work, but somehow this one caught my eye. Who could resist pouchy Meidicatmioons? I also like the way it turns into actual English when it gets to the hard-sell part.

Now isn’t that good info to have when you feel like running over an edition?

Say, I think I’d like to see those jottings.

It looks like English that has been put through an automatic thesaurus to thwart certain types of spam filtering.

If you look at it long enough, you can work out how it appeared in its original form, before being run through the mill god-knows-how-many times:

“As a valued customer, we allow you from time- to-time to renew your prescription…” [etc]

I wonder if they get any hits?

Medicatmioons sounds like some kind of futuristic veterinary supply corporation.