Spanish-language medical translation question

I speak (and read and write) Spanish, but this one is beyond me - I am trying to get permission from the Agency Formerly Known as INS for a client to visit his sick mother in Mexico. The letter I have from her doctor is that she has a number of medical problems, including that she “actualmente cursa con P.C.V. (Problema celular vascular).”

So I gather that it’s some sort of circulatory system problem? but well, that’s not exactly an idiomatic translation. Any translation assistance, or links to good online Spanish-English medical dictionaries, would be appreciated.

Google doesn’t find it with quote marks (yes, I know you already checked that). “Problema vascular” is a circulatory problem, yes, but I find PCV as meaning “patología cardiovascular,” i.e., “illness(es) of the circulatory system affecting the heart.”

Asking Doctor Sister In Law…

Dr. SIL says the only other thing she can think of is “patología cerebrovascular,” i.e., circulatory problems affecting the brain. paging Mexican dopers

Well, I suppose it’s possible that the doctor (whose writing in the rest of the letter isn’t the most graceful) just spaced out on the full form of the abbreviation.