Spanish slang for emigres to the US

Does there exist any Spanish word in Latin America for Hispanics living in the US, either those who have emigrated to the US, or those who were born in the US but remain largely unassimilated to the non-Hispanic culture (likesay those who live in southern Texas, California, or Florida)? It’s idle curiosity, I just wonder if they get called some equivalent of “fancy-pants gringo” when they go south of the border.

“Pocho” for Mexicans (other latinos?) that are born/raised in the US or Canada (of course those that were born aren’t strictly-speaking Mexicans any more).

For Mexicans that become US permanent residents, they just call them “residentes” which (in Mexico) means a US permanent resident, not a Mexican resident.

There are also “paisanos” which is for countrymen outside of the country. This would apply to both the legal (permanent residents) and illegal residents, which leads to the inevitable…

“Mojados,” meaning “wet,” as in the American slur “wet back.” Strictly used for illegals.

As a joke told about recent arrivals from Mexico, I have heard the wonderful, teines un nopal is su frunte. I love that one.