Spanish Speakers: Translate English To Spanish?

I’ve tried using babelfish, but am suspicious of the results.

How would you say “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day” in Spanish?

Babelfish says “día de los patrick felices de santo” which looks to me like “day of patrick happy the saint”. I figure that Saint Patrick should come out as Santo Patrick… which would be the best, most commonly used way of expressing good wishes for Saint Patrick’s Day by Mexicans?

I do actually have a reason for wanting this translation, it’s not just idle curiosity :slight_smile: What Australian doesn’t have need of a Spanish translation in honour of the patron saint of Ireland?

Feliz dia de San Patricio.

(fe-LEEZ DEE-a deh san pa-TREE-ceo)

Never trust babel. I once translated for fun “Come and play with my nipples you bad boy” into Italian, then when I translated it back it was “Come and game with my nozzles, you defective boy”.

So, I take it, no second date with that sexy Italian?


Thank you, thank you.

Actually, my Spanish teacher told me just last week that the “z” is pronounced like an English “s” (Fe-LEES).

Depends on the dialect. Just like how English letters and words are pronounced a hundred different ways all over the world, you’re not going to find a hard set of rules for Spanish or any other language. My grade 10 and 11 Spanish teacher pronounced V’s as we do in English, but we had a new teacher for grade 12 that pronounced them as B’s for the first few weeks, before we had to tell her that we couldn’t understand what the hell she was saying. Also, we never learned the you-plural-formal verb form at all, since it’s only used in one particular region of Spain, and the course focused more on South American Spanish.