Driving along to work one day Dave had realized half way there, he forgot his schedule.

He’s knew he had an important meeting with the Spartan project managers but he wasn’t sure if it was today or tomorrow, He’d have to make sure to talk to Katie his assistant first thing when he got to work.

“How the fuck could I forget my God damned schedule?” Dave chided to himself “I mean it’s not like it’s the most important project of my life or anything?” He continued in dubious self criticism.

Dave Hallman is the leading project manager for Bridge corp. A leading research company for modern applications in quantum mechanics. A company that has its hand on just about everything technical.


Uh, Mods, if you see this you can close this thread. This was a total brain fart. I didn’t mean for this to happen.


Damn, I was hoping this was about the movie Spartan. Great Mamet dialog. “You wanted to go through the looking glass. How was it? Was it more fun than miniature golf?” sigh



I’ve written a screenplay based on your OP and have sold it to a Hollywood studio for 5 million dollars. Your contribution to the script will get you a credit for “Story by” and 10% of the price of the script. Please E-mail me so we know where to send the $500,000.

Joe Eszterhas? I thought you retired from screenwriting.