Speakers for laptop - recommendations?

So, I’m looking for a decent (not ultra-high-quality, but not crappy) set of speakers for my laptop. Small is good, but so is cheap (preferably under $50). Seeing how I have no idea of what’s good in this area, and I’m certain that some of you out there have at least had some experience buying cheapish computer speakers, I ask you this: Anything to look for or avoid? Any specific recommendations?

Will these speakers be portable or will they remain at your desk at home?

Does your laptop have 2 outputs for 5.1(or greater number of channels)?
Or does it only have 2.1 output?

the logitech range of computer speakers are generally pretty good. In particular the z-640’s sound great for what they cost.

If it’s portable I imagine the Ipod speakers are half-way decent( but way overpriced).

I bought these portable, cheap PC speakers made by Kensington. They plug into a USB port, don’t need batteries, weigh next to nothing, fold up, and they were cheap. I can’t really listen to music when I work, so I didn’t need high quality speakers for my PC. They sound fine for $32.

Maybe what you really need is Hello Kitty speakers