Speaking into the clown's mouth

The Master speaks:

Which got me a-thinkin’. I’ve never seen a fast food drive-through that used a clown as a motif, let alone one that uses the clown’s mouth as a microphone. Do such things exist, or is this just an old cartoon/comic strip trope that has suffused itself into the public consciousness?
Powers &8^]

They don’t have Jack in the Box where you live?

Looks like “No”:

ETA: None within 200 miles of me, either.
ETA2: We used to, maybe 40 years ago. I think they were crappy then, though.

Jack-In-The-Box commercial from 1972 showing the old clown drive-thru.

Don’t forget This Guy

164 miles for me. Jesus, I’d be sober by then, so what’s the point?

What about him? Are there any McDonald’s drive-thrus where you speak into Ronald’s mouth?
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Probably a reply to this:

It depends on what you mean by “motif”. R McD is a motif in the decoration, though not the architecture.

I am quite surprised that someone hasn’t quipped ‘need answer fast?’, but I realized that the question was actually about the semi-obscure reference to Jack-in-the-Box in the article by The Master (pbuh).