Speaking of Vaudeville...

And it does come up ocassionally, (I hope Eve sees this) we find the following diversion for lovers of the hopelssly arcane, dabblers in esoteric exotica, and other generally genteel (and even gentile) members of the internet bourgeoisie: The Virtual Vaudeville Project
The Boston Globe had this article from a few days ago, about this interactive virtual-reality recreation of a vaudeville performance from (now demolished) Union Square Theatre in New York. The project was released last week and, so far, has one re-created performance by “legendary” (for his time) ethnic comedian Frank Bush.
The 3D theatre enviornment is very elaborate, and you can view the performance from any seat or gallery in the house and see reactions of various audience members, based upon their individual socio-economic view of the performance.
It is, of course, still under development, with more acts and features to come. I know there are probably more important uses for bandwidth, but this is about as cool as it comes for me.