Spear-Tossing Aboriginals

We have here proof that Prince Phillip is perhaps not as mad as he might have seemed. Indeed, an Australian Aborigine has been kind enough to prove that they do indeed still have a penchant for spearing, if not each other, someone.

Apparently, this brilliant legal maneuver is designed to show the rest of the world that true native rights involve guarding a sacred fire (which you have, incidentally, lit on the grounds of the old seat of government) by attempting to spear to death officers of the law. Indeed, their sophistication extends not only to the worship of fire (which we all know to be a very refined and sophisticated form of worship, much akin to believing that God wants you to become intimate with poisonous snakes and the cracker turns to Jesus in your mouth), but to barbaric and drawn-out forms of capital punishment dealt out when the nice policemen asks you to move along. While once I might have been skeptical as to the continued necessity of an aboriginal people in Australia, now I firmly believe that every last person of European, Asian, or mixed blood should be shipped to New Zealand and fed to the Maori, or any other conveniently available ethnic minority whom I can convince to spear aforementioned refuseniks when I explain that the honor of a campfire has been insulted.

Finally, if I have not yet insulted your particular ethnic group, religious persuasion, national residency, or opinion on the killing of law officers with pointy bits of wood, you will please assume I am expressing my general disgust by defecating on the religious symbol/national flag/sacred totem you hold dear whilst waving upraised middle fingers at you.

yeah and it’s great to know courtesy of his highness that all Indians are crap electricians…
…all asians are “slitty-eyed”…
…deaf musicians self-inflict their condition…
…all scots are alcoholics…

God I fking HATE Prince Philip!!!

The man is a national, pan-Commonwealth embarrassment. I am SO glad I don’t live in the UK any more. I am so glad I don’t pay taxes there any more so not a penny of my hard-earned cash goes to support this over-privileged wanker.

Just a quick hijack to say I know the person to whom the “Deaf? If you are near there [the music], no wonder you are deaf.” remark was made. He really is a mad bastard.

Sorry, I thought you were paging me.

Carry on.

I guess I’m not seeing what you’re so worked up about here, Trucido. I mean, you aren’t actually expecting the court to hand the officer over, are you? So what’s wrong with them approaching the court to register a complaint and explain the punishment they would give out?

Sometimes I get the feeling that Phil is saying these kinds of things on purpose just to shake things up.

It’s a shame, because he had potential, if you read about him and his childhood. Oh well. He’s no Mountbatten, that’s for damn sure.

Is the OP a rant about (a) Prince Philip, (b) Australian Aboriginal tradition, © general lawlessness, (d) picking on a cop, or (e)what?

Maybe those of you who chose (a) had the best idea.

I’m just reminding myself, before the accusations of my being “wooshed” come rolling in, that the OP was humourous.

But not funny.

Does no-one think that he’s just really fucking good entertainment, this Prince Philip chap? He says what he wants, 'cos he can - and, to be fair, he’s pretty harmless. If someone told you that ‘must have been put together by an Indian’ joke in a bar, would you not laugh? And this guy has the balls to say it on camera, to the people themselves!

Wouldn’t it be easier just to spear all the aborigine’s to death ?? :slight_smile:

Uhh, I think I missed the connection between the Prince and the areticle linked to.

Well, Great Dave, a while back Prince Phillip asked a spectacularly tasteless question of an Aboriginal activist: “Do you still throw spears at each other?” No matter how stupid the Prince’s question, the activist took it in stride and said, “No.” Then this prize specimen comes along, demanding the right to throw spears at somebody because they’ve done some unspecified wrong to his bonfire (which he was kind enough to light on private property).

The writ lodged by the Aboriginal activist in the article linked to is foolish attention-grabbing. It will be treated as such by the courts. However, this does not make Trucido any less of a turd.

Oh, fuck off. Ever seen a perpetual flame at a war memorial? The Olympic torch?

And get off your bitch-moan-public-private-property-high-fucking-horse. Unless you wanna get outta ol’ Texas and develop some kind of understanding of the embassy at Parliament house, shut your apple-pie hole. I won’t suggest the more challenging goal of learning something about the struggle for native rights in Australia; instead, I highly recommend feeble rants against Clown Prince Phillip as more suitable to your talents.