Special Request: The SLAYERS locations scans

I know some of ya’s must have watched “The Slayers”, an anime about a fiesty redhead named Lina blowing away monsters and sometimes towns for fame, treasure, and sometimes just for the fun. And her friends Goury, Zelgadis, Amelia, etc. etc.

I need to get some scans of the Slayers showing some of the locations they showed in the OVA, such as Seyruun, Sairagg, Xoana (Home of now-Queen martina mel Xoana Navritolova, champion Brass Racketeer!), the continent they’re on and so forth.

In case you’re wondering, my pals and I are making fake magic cards to play each other with. My deck is going for a Slayers theme, along with, for no aparent reason, Vash the Stampede. OK, its quite silly but fun and please help me if you’ve seen any of those pictures.