Special X on XM radio

This may be a bit specialized, but if you have XM radio, you know what I’m talking about. This is a complete bizarre channel. You hear things like Italian lessons, bad cover songs, Muzak, yoga lessons, and Wink Martindale’s tribute to Elvis. However, I just heard the weirdest thing ever on that channel. It was the 1981 talent show from St. John’s school in New York. So if you went there, and performed in it, you were just broadcast over national radio. Congratulations. Anyone else listening to it?

Sounds like local access in its earliest stages…how do you like xm radio? Is it worth it?

Yep. Go buy one, and give them my name as a referral. I get free credits that way. :slight_smile: But yeah, this is one of the most enjoyable radio experiences out there…they program just about anything on that channel.