Specialty Light Bulb, where find?

OK, I googled. Looked at loads of light bulbs. I have an old empire style lamp that I bought at an auction and it came with some very neat bulbs. One just went out and I am at a lost of where to find one.

It is a 75W 120V Syvania bulb. That’s common enough, but it is not shaped like a standard bulb, instead of being rounded, it has a square/tapered cross section. The glass is “very thick” and had a trapazodial diamond pattern on the glass. It sort of looks like a pineapple motif. I still have two out of the three and would like to keep the match. I saw one on a Syvania site, but it had a rounded (regular type bulb) shape to it. Can’t find this shape at all. Looks like the thrid one down on this page, but isn’t rounded. It is trapazodial so to speak.
Any help would be great. :cool:

I have one of the rounded daylight plus bulbs in my kitchen. It ROCKS!
Never seen the trapezoidal form.
Are there any number or code sequences printed on the bulb or base?
Those’ll usually get useful hits from google.

Nope, no numbers. Just Syvania 75W 120V. This is a very impressive bulb. It almost seems worth repairing. The glass is really thick. I don’t doubt that you could drop it from the ceiling onto most floors and it would not break! Perhaps they just don’t make them like they used to. :wink:

Also, the very tip of the bulb itself is flat (about 1-1/4" diameter) and has a star burst/lotus flower pattern on it. Like you see on old glass bowels and glasses. Standard screw in base. Weird.

Are those thicker than most glass bulbs as well?

WOOT! A question that’s up my alley!

For any type of lamp, a great source is Bulbman, located right here in Las Vegas. They will ship anywhere, tho.

The “Contact Us” page has phone numbers, including an 800 #.

For the record, the standard incandescent bulb style is known as an “A” lamp.

In the trade, the bulbs are “lamps” and the thing it sits in is the “fixture”.


Like these?
Sylvania Crystals

Yes they are. They’ve got a halogen insert, but screw into a regular socket.

Whoo-hoo! :cool: That’s it!

Thanks, Squink!

FWIW, I just bought a few of the non-halogen variety of these at Home Depot last weekend, so they shouldn’t be terribly hard to locate, now that you know what they’re called.