specific snow tires/rims: what cars will they fit?

I Recently sold a car. I Kept a set of snow tires/rims which fit that car, and I plan to sell them separately sometime this fall.

Is there a resource on the web that will tell me what other cars can use these particular rims/tires? I’d like to advertise to the widest possible audience when I do finally decide to sell them off.

Just advertise rim width/tire info. Buyers will know if they will fit their car.
Or they should know.

Make sure you include the lug nut spacing as well. When I was looking for snow tires on CL I searched for that string.

There’s more than that when it comes to specifying a rim. The steel rims I have come with the following specs:

Offset: 45 mm (distance from hub mounting surface to the centerplane of the rim)
Backspacing: 5.27 inches (:confused:)
Bolt pattern: 4-100 ( 4 lugs, 100mm bolt circle diameter)
Tire: 185/65-14 (though really the “65” could be anything, the rim doesn’t care)

So while a buyer can easily know which tires fit his car (the specs can be found on the sidewall of his existing tires), it’s less obvious which rims are a match.