Spectator Goodness

I’m probably in the minority here, but I can’t just watch any old sporting contest with someone who is not rooting for the same contestant as I am. Especially in a living room setting, and especially in play-offs when things are ramped up a lot more. Nothing bothers me more than, say, a Maple Leafs fan bouncing up and down on the same fucking couch I’m sitting on if they score. Do people have “coping mechanisms” for this phenomenon, or just avoid that horseshit in the first place? Any fight stories?

In a public spaces like rinks, arenas and stadia, such an expectation definitely needs to be tampered by your surroundings. When I saw Canucks games at the old Pacific Coliseum, I was always around other Canuck fans, so never had to contend with any nearby opposing cheers. Anyone here have to deal with an Eagles or Raiders fan yelling their glories in your ear? Witness to any crowd brawls? Been in one?

And, are there any sports other than pro footy that have very clearly demarcated divisions in the stands between opposing fans?

My coping mechanism is remember that it’s just a game. It’s there to amuse me. Even the drunk dipshit three rows down getting mad because I’m cheering for his opponent is part of the amusement value.

Life’s rich pageant, man.

Yeah I’m cool with the drunk dipshit three rows down. As long as he ain’t on the end of my couch - that wouldn’t work - I’d most likely end up brandishing a bbq fork at him.

Really? Not even any fucked-up tailgaiting anecdotes? Charging the field/court at the end of a game? Starting a wave or chant? Spilled shit on anyone or vise versa? Used a skeevy story to shirk work to go to a game?