Speed bumps: How do you take 'em?

I was beginning to worry I wasn’t the only one that takes them fast. I’m not sure why but I get very little bump if I go below 15 mph or above 40 mph. It’s different for every car. (and finding the right speed can be very painful) I figure I’m probably ruining my car by taking them fast but it’s more fun going fast.
The ones I hate are the speed ditches. It’s like an inverted speed bump only with steeper edges. The only place I know that has these is Acadia University (formally known as Beaver College) but they can seriously shake your car.

I think knowledge of the speed bumps in a parking lot is critical. I slow down for most, and those of which I am not familiar. But in certain parking lots, I know that the bumps are not a problem so I maintain speed throughout. I also avoid whenever possible.

Oddly enough, I usually am a passenger in a lowered Honda Civic… it’s low enough that taking the bumps at an angle is really the only way to do it without damaging the car.

Now that I drive myself, I find myself doing the same thing, even in my (currently) un-lowered car. I suppose it’s for the best, since I should be picking up an Integra some time this year, and it will probably stay stock height just long enough to take it to the shop… hehehehehe

There’s a mess of them in Berkeley.
I’ve learned that if you can get one wheel on the right edge, where the bump disappears, the car won’t lurch up and down, but stay fairly level at a decent speed 20mph, say.

In my personal car ('97 Ford Escort)I usually alow to 10-15 MPH. In my work van ('96 Ford Windstar) I don’t slow down at all. It’s a company car so I don’t give a rat’s ass ;).

I don’t slow down much, and I take them at an angle if traffic allows; much less of a bump that way. And I don’t give a rat’s ass how I look when I’m driving.

A bit slower in my truck, faster in my car. I take as good care of a rental car as I would my own while driving it. People buy those things once the rental company’s done with them, you know.