Speed bumps: How do you take 'em?

Here’s a nice mindless poll to help me recover from the jail thread:

How do you handle speed bumps?

Parking-lot speed limit? Just slow down a tad? Creeping along? Full stop? Speed up once the front wheels clear?

If you drive different types of cars, do you handle speed bumps differently according to the car? For example, I would handle speed bumps differently in a Lamborghini than in a Ford Explorer. (Hey, I can dream about the Lamborghini. I’m sure I’d have some horrid reason to take it into a parking lot with speed bumps. :))

If they’re not the super-tall speed bumps that will scrape the bottom of my car, I take 'em at parking-lot speed. That’s usually 10 MPH.

FTR, I have a sports car with low clearance, but I never bottom out at parking-lot speed.

How do you take 'em?


Nice and easy. No reason to go fast near a place that has speed bumps. I mean think about it speed bumps. They must be there to make people slow down for a reason.

In my cars, I very slowly creep over them. I’m not going to risk ruining my performance tires/suspension/mags. In rentals, I speed up when I see them.

Slowing down for speed bumps is a sign of weakness.

I go about 10MPH, which is my usual parking lot speed. I drive a normal sedan (subaru legacy). Unless it’s a really big one, I don’t touch the brake at all. Some parking lots have huge ones that require me to drop to about 5-7MPH. It kills me when people in Explorers and other big trucks have to almost completely stop for them. Umm, hello, your car can drive up the side of a mountain, a speed bump is nothing. Usually when I’m behind other people, I try to pace them to see how fast they take it, usually my speedometer is reading 0 as they go over. It’s funny to watch their car actually stop when it hits the speed bump because they’re going so slow they have to hit the gas to get over it. Oh well. Maybe I’m the dumb one who doesn’t slow down for speed bumps. Entirely possible.

I seldom slow down very much for speed bumps. If I do slow down at all it is usually a quick hitting of the breaks a split second before my front tires hit the bump.

I take them at parking lot speed (10-15 mph) if I am in a parking lot. Around here they sometimes put them in neighborhoods. The speed limit is 25 miles an hour and out of no where there is a speed bump. I do try to slow down a bit for these, but sometime they just seem to creep up on you.

Yes, I scrape the bottom of my car sometimes.

No, I don’t care. I hit things all the time. A speed bump will do less damage then some of the other things I hit with my car.

It appears none of you noticed that usually on the side of the bump is an area with no bump! Its usually for bike riders to use. I simple ride half on that area & half on the bump. Spiffy. No need to slow down much doing that in the USA.

That’s just dumb and I hate when people do that. It causes the car to rock which is less comfortable than both wheels going over. Plus you look like an idiot swerving all the way to the curb for every speed bump. Try watching someone else do it sometime and you’ll see what I mean.

I always try to take the speed bump in such a way that I look really smart and fashionable.

In my big car (86 chevy caprice estate station wagon weighing in at 5185 lbs) I take speed bumps at 40MPH. I’d go faster, but driving any faster would be too exciting for me. In my little car, I go slower, because it’s just a tiny 240SX, and my kidneys prefer being inside my body, or so they tell me. I like to go over the speedbumps crooked sometimes, because it jostles me less, and it pisses off c_goat when he is driving behind me- plus, if I get crooked enough, it makes the people on the other side of the road very happy (I can tell- they tell me I’m number 1, but they use a special finger).

Touché or something. I shall now point you to previous words of mine:

c_goat- please don’t take my posts too seriously.
except for the line above this one.

IMHO, slowing down for bumps depends on:

  1. The car you are in.
  2. Whether you own it.
  3. How comfortable the seats are.
  4. Whether your hemmorhoids are acting up.
  5. Whether the person in the passenger seat is having problems with #4, and your attitude towards them.
  6. How much you hate speed bumps.
  7. Whether you have scalding hot, or freezing cold beverages aimed at a sensitive part of your anatomy.
  8. See #7 and then #5.

In my RX-7 slow was the key, otherwise I would be in pain, but in my chevy, it doesn’t matter.

Oops! I meant

  1. Hi Opal!!

Sorry about that.

Accelerate and come up on the pegs. Oh, you mean in a car…

Well, ever since college I’ve been trying to stay away from the hard d- What?! Oh, speed BUMPS. I take those fairly slow nowadays. No reason to break my teeth in the parking lot.

So slow that I can balance the front wheels on top of the speed bump.


How come on tv you see these SUVs driving like crazy up to the top of some rocky mountain & then when you see them come to a speed bump, they slow down to a crawl?

They’ve just introduced these new speed bumps in London which are made of rubber and filled with air. They only produce a bump if the car is going above the speed limit. If you go at a reasonable 30mph you can go over it no probs and not have to slow, but if you speed, you bump. They can be adjusted to suit any speed limit by a police officer, and defalted entirely if necessary.

On the subject of normal speed bumps, my driving instructor always told me to brake in front of the bump, and gently accelerate over it.

Works for me.

I take them at resonable speeds. Up here where I live they actually have Road-humps in some of the neighborhoods. These are speed-bumps on steroids. They are about 1 foot tall and the length of a mid-size sedan. A school bus driver loves to go over these at about 30mph while the bus is full of children, resulting in frightened shrieks and lots of bumped heads.

Depends on where the bump is. For instance, in the parking lot of the local strip mall, there are several basically pointless speedbumps in this huge expanse of asphalt. I’ve figured out that if you take them at a high enough rate of speed you don’t even feel the bump! So I hit 'em at about 40.

Then again, leaving Wal*Mart just down the road, there’s a speedbump meant to keep you from flying out into the intersection. Because of its location, I usually take it very very slow.