" Speeding driver blames lack of goats"

Story (which, almost necessarily, doesn’t live up to the Doperificness of the headline).

Well, of course there are no goats on the highways of eastern Ontario. We captured them all for use in the initiation compl… er, nevermind, I’ll tell you later.

Eastern Ontario. “We may live in trailers but by God we have DSL!” :slight_smile:

For $360 he could have bought his own goats. What a waste.


My coworkers are going to get a huge kick out of this, based on a long-running in-joke here.

We write software for embedded systems, and every once in a while, we get ahold of a board that defies all attempts to tame it. Sometimes it’ll work, sometimes it won’t, and all the crazy bit-wiggling you can try doesn’t seem to persuade it into any sort of predictability.

It has come to be a joke that the only way our customers (who are actually developing on these boards) could possibly get them to perform reliably is by including a supply of miniature sacrificial goats on each board. Of course, eventually the reserves will be exhausted, and you’ll get to see the problem reassert itself, along with

“ERROR: No more goats.”

The fact that some of our customers are in the automotive industry makes the headline that much better.

Apparently, we are to infer from the article that passengers in Switzerland are in the habit of yelling a precautionary GOAT!! every so often.

Now I want to visit Switzerland.

What he really needs to watch out for is the calamari.

Of course, he didn’t find any goats. The mooses (meese ?) ate them all.

I hate those meeses to pieces!

A moose once bit my sister…

So how come there’s never a shortage of straws? :confused:

You’d think he’d be used to a lack of goats up there in the mountains. One of my favourite skiing spots in the Alps, not far from the Swiss border, is called the “Pas de Chèvre”, which as any fule kno means “No Goats” :smiley:

Tell him to stay away from Chattanooga!