Speeding ticket in Wisconsin: Any pleading it down from a moving violation?

Sorry if there’s an obvious answer to this somewhere, but my Google-fu is weak.

I got a speeding ticket on the highway last week for going 70 in a 55. It’s a $175 fine and 4 points. When I’ve received tickets in Missouri and Kansas (I know, leadfoot), I’ve been able to go to a lawyer and have the ticket changed to a non-moving violation for a higher fine, which avoids a subsequent increase in insurance rates. I believe you can do something similar in Florida by taking an online traffic safety course. Is there any equivalent in Wisconsin, or am I out of luck?

Also, and I highly doubt this is true, but is there anything to the legend that if you show up on your court date and the officer who pulled you over doesn’t, your ticket gets dismissed? I was pulled over in Dane County by a sheriff’s deputy, if that matters.

I was able to get my speeding offense talked down by showing up for the court date. If I recall correctly, there was a standard offer to everyone who was speeding the same amount.

This was about 15 years ago, however. Dunno if things are still the same.

I’ve done this in Wisconsin, though it was before 1995. My lawyer did the same thing for me that yours did for you. Larger fine, no points. But I’ve modified my driving behavior (somewhat) since, and haven’t needed to see if it still can be done.

generally the best option is to find a local (to that town) traffic attorney to show up on your behalf.

Judges tend to know the attorneys/vice versa and since traffic courts primary function is to nail the DUI violators the court wants to handle ordinary speeders McDonald’s style. Have you or your attorney show up, plead “no contest”…you’ll probably be fined, forced to take an online safety class and put on parole but will have no ill effect re. your points.

You can do other things like fight the ticket, make the police produce radar gun records, etc…but a lot of those “strategies” are more urban legend than not.

And ya, on Wisconsin interstates speeding is enforced on an above average basis. The locals know this and tend to drive unbearably slow for us out-of-staters, lol.

I live in Dane County and I’d be surprised if you couldn’t do something like that. I have no direct knowledge (having never received a ticket here) but I believe some friends here have swapped points for higher fines.

I know people who have done that here in Northeast Wisconsin, but I’m not sure of the exact procedure and how (if) it may be different in Dane County.