Spellcheck Screwup - The Weather Channel

From their website, as we speak–

Shouldn’t a human have to at least glance at the copy before it gets posted?

Quite WHAT??? The suspence is killing me!

[sings]I’ve got suspence, jolly jolly suspence…[/sings]

Coming from a journalism standpoint -

Editing two words that look that similar out can be difficult; unfortunately, a lot of copy editors seem to suffer from dyslexia (Or just pure stupidity), and the rest of us just don’t care.



I’m not an editor but it jumped right out at me.

How can you not care about the essence of your job description?

Well, I recently e-mailed the Discovery channel because of an unfortunate typo in their captions. The whole show was about lava and volcanoes, and not only were the captions absolutely riddled with misspellings, but every time the narrator or any speaker said “pumice,” it was rendered in the captions as “pumas.” As in, “The explosive force of the eruption flung burning pumas hundreds of miles into the sky, only to rain back down on the unsuspecting populace” (my paraphrase, but very close). I said in my e-mail that although this was a delightful image, I thought that science shows had more credibility when the captions were accurate. I received an automated-seeming reply saying that if I was having problems with my captions, I should contact my local cable service provider. So perhaps, as *South Park *asserted about the writing staff of Family Guy, there are no humans involved in any aspect of the media any more.

A local library are running a competition advertising “larva lamps” as a prize. A columnist here has already tut-tutted over the apparent cruelty implied to pre-metamorphised insects …

I really find it difficult to believe that there really are any such things as copy editors (or any other kind, for that matter) any more.