spelling pet peeves

in the mystery triangles thread, i noticed carl spelled millennium correctly, and was amazed to be among such good spellers. if i see it again with one “n” i will scream. also, i hate seeing things like “taco’s” advertised in restaurants. what spelling/grammar errors peeve you most?

“The” written as “teh”. And it’s not a typo, either. This guy in IRC writes it like this constantly and it’s driving me up the wall.

Also, people who write “their”, when it should be either “they’re” or “there”.

How about its or it’s?

Sheesh! :wink:

I prefer rogues to imbeciles because they sometimes take a rest.
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I couldn’t read the “Your Welcome” thread in General Questions without cringing. Even after some people correctly wrote ‘you’re welcome’, others continued to make the mistake.

If I’m unsure of how to spell a word, I always write (sp?) after it, so people know I’m not an idiot, just lazy.

eden: lower-case letters where there should be upper-cases (start of sentences, personal pronouns, for example) :smiley:


Earlier today I incorrectly spelled the name of my hometown, Albuquerque, as Alberquerque, in an online exchange. DUH!

It looked so right to me that I checked my birth certificate, just to be sure. I had to look twice to actually see the correct spelling. Double-DUH!

After a bit of a snooze, I’m better now. :smiley:

Common ¢ for all ages…
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“Jhon.” It’s only the most common name in the English-speaking world! How could you not know how to spell it?

A guy I worked with previously always wrote “comming” instead of “coming.” That bothered me alittle.

I’ve also accidently typed Louisville as Lousiville but I thought it kinda fit ;).

i have to spell my name a lot…and i get: edith (cringe), edna, edie, evie, eva, eve, erin…urgh. even if you’re not religious, as a denizen of western culture, shouldn’t everyone read the bible? how could one understand literature?

i’m sorry about no caps. i have no excuse besides force of habit. oh, and sloth.

Don’t know if this counts as a “spelling” error, but what about when you see plural words as The Best Burger’s. I see that on a local restaurant sign and it drives me crazy!

I agree, Hubzilla. People seem compelled to put apostrophes in plural nouns, and in third-person verb forms like “sing’s.” (“Although verbs could not possibly own anything,” said one of my high-school English textbooks.)

Nobody seems to know how to use apostrophes nowadays. When people put “s” after numbers, they ALWAYS put an apostrophe, even when it’s not possessive! Like, “I’ll give you a 20 for four 5’s” or something.
Also, 3 years ago, there was the huge thing for “Election '96” and not once did I see an apostrophe before the “96.” So it’s 96 AD now?
Not even the US government can punctuate!
All this typing has made me hungry for a potatoe!

A girl I work with writes “partial” as “partical”. It’s a joke at work now. We’ll talk to each other and say stuff like, “At noon, I’m doing a partical perm”. “Tomorrow i have a partical foil.” (Well, it’s funny to US!)

Sometimes life is so great you just gotta muss up your hair and quack like a duck!

i kan"t speel veri goed

Fluorine (and related words, such as fluorescent) have nothing to do with ground cereal grains and should not be spelled as if they did. Leaving out the U entirely is slightly less offensive.

Dave Barry made a comment about apostrophes to the effect that their principal use was in hand-lettered signs to alert the reader that an “s” was coming up at the end of a word.

Apostrophes can show up in the damndest places — or sometimes they’re missing when they should be there.

In a recent local newspaper new car dealer ad the headline was touting the success of the dealership…

“We we’re number one in the metro area!”

One of the finest public golf courses in the area had this sign on the 4th tee (to encourage speedy play)…

“From your start you should of taken less than 45 minutes to reach this tee.”

This sign was a large sign done in expensively carved (routed) stained pine. I can just imagine the oblivious woodworker standing back and admiring his pride and joy when he finished the painstaking work.

I’ve noticed the “should of”, “could of” variations from time to time in newspaper headlines and magazines as well.

There’s a sign here in Flint, a small one, that someone put up to advertise some land for sale. It says “4 acres, with Right Away.”

The apostrophe problem, coupled with they’re/there/their problem, are two of the greates challenges facing (most of) us as we enter the new millennium. There oughta <G> be a study…

bothers me when people spell under was as underway

bothers me when people spell under way as underway

It really irks me when people spell common foreign terms in a completely corrupted manner, like they’re really English terms. Such as: Pur say, she-she, boo-coo, and about a dozen others I can’t think of now. I know someone who does this to me all the time in e-mails and it drives me nuts! It tells me all their vocabulary comes from “listening” and never reading anything.

PS – I do the (sp?) thing constantly!

Here’s another lovely one. I’m currently translating an emergency document and here’s one sentence: “This is the que for all associates with current certification in First Aid/CPR to respond to the location mentioned.”

It’s supposed to be CUE. Sigh.

Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed.

I prefer rogues to imbeciles because they sometimes take a rest.
Alexandre Dumas the Younger (1824-1895)