Spending New Years in Iceland, and I need recommendations/information

Some friends and I will be spending New Years in Reykjavik, Iceland (5 days, 4 nights). We will be staying in the old town part of Reykjavik, and will probably not have a car.

I know slightly more then nothing about Iceland, so I am looking for some suggestions from those that know more than I.

  1. What do you recommend seeing/doing?
    (museums, shopping, siteseeing, city tours, night clubs…)

  2. The weather looks like I should be able to get by with sweaters and a lightweight winter coat. Can anyone confirm this (We are from the northern US, so yes, we have winters here)

  3. What is the currency in Iceland now?

  4. How common is English in Iceland in general and Reykjavik in specific. (We have a people that speak several European languages a little, but none that are fluent in anything buy English going along)


I spent 3 days in Iceland a few years ago and had a blast. Everyone I ran across spoke flawless english. Take the Golden Circle tour. It’t a day trip and you get to see waterfalls, the town of Vik, etc. It’s cool.

The currency was the Kronur (sp?) when I was there. I don’t know if they switched to the Euro or not.

My Icelandic relatives all speak English, and say it’s very common for people to speak English.

Have a wonderful time! Post a ton of pictures for us!

Bring your own food!!! My friend Bear spent about six weeks there living with an Icelandic family and he loved every minute of it. Except mealtimes.

At least, assuming you don’t like mutton, ram testicle loaf, stewed eyeballs, lamb’s heads seared with a blowtorch…

I’m not kidding. They consume the entire sheep there, and expect you to, as well. Those are just some of the things Bear said he was served.

And fresh vegetables? Forget it. Bear told me that they have lettuce in the stores there… growing in pots. Apparently, you peel off a leaf or two, and hope it grows back.

Well, maybe your experience won’t be that bad, if you’re staying in a hotel catering to tourists… at least they’ll try and ease you into eating rare sheep’s face… But don’t expect the Yankee food to be inexpensive.

The sheep’s head thing is called hangkjot. No fucking way I eat Icelandic food.


Okay, so Venar Terta is delicious, and so is lefsa, but that’s ALL.