A co-worker and I just recently came to blows over an argument about Spiderman; more specifically, his web-shooting powers. Fear not: I am unharmed. They don’t call me “El Smasho” for nothing. I quickly overpowered her with my patented Hassan Chop© maneuver.

Anyway, I say that Spiderman had little devices that he had to wear on his wrists in order to shoot webs. I distinctly remember him having to “refill” them on occasion.

Her story is that Spiderman had the power to shoot webs inherently; “it comes with the package when you get bitten by a radioactive spider, you moron,” said she.

So what’s the deal, people? Am I right, and have delivered a smashing justly so? Or am I wrong, and will be in need of a defense attorney when the paramedics finally manage to resuscitate her?

Originally, he had web shooters on his wrists that he built, and did have to refill them. I think later (maybe taking place in the future?) there is a different spidey who has them built in to his body (biological, not mechanical).

I don’t know about “Spiderman”…
But Spider-Man (with a hyphen and a capital “M”) has webshooters that he built hisownself, using only common household implements and his genius-level IQ.

There are lots of silver age comic showing him refilling his shooters (the cartridges on his belt in most costumes are the refills), and a few fill-in pages (wne the stories ran short that month) of pseudo-scientific explanation of how they’re supposed to work (probably “unstable molecules” – everything in the Marvel universe either works because of unstable molecules or admantium).

When he got his super-spectacular black alien costume (the one that later became at least two supervillains that I can think of), it generated webs itself, since it was a cool alien symbiote and all. But, after Spidey dumped it, he had to go back to cooking up his webs the old-fashioned way – in Aunt May’s kitchen.

Your friend might be remembering stories from the set of the movie (which is shooting right now, if I remember correctly). Suposedly, the director (I wanted to say James Cameron, but it’s somebody else now) thinks that being bitten by a radioactive spider should be enough to make a man shoot webs out of his wrists, and rewrote the origin for the movie that way. Whether this is true or not, we’ll have to wait for the movie to see.

Yep, G.B.H., it looks like “Spider-Man: The Movie”, will tamper with the Holy Truth of the comic book. Over at Coming Attractions, they report that the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man will gain the ability to shoot spiderwebs from a growth on each wrists, as additional mutation caused by the radioactive spider bite. I guess it’ll look cooler on film.

In the comic books, Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider, and gains the strength and speed of a human-sized spider. To complete the package, he builds wrist devices that contain some kind of pressurized adhesive that allows him to spin webs.
However, in the new Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie being filmed RIGHT NOW!!!, Sam has decided to update Spider-Man from his Cold War origins. In the new movie, Peter Parker is bitten by a genetically enhanced spider. Not only does he gain the strength and speed of a spider, but the ability to spin organic webs from his wrists. He later builds devices that allow him to direct and control the flow of this organically produced webbing.

That would be Miguel O’Hara, the man who became Spider-Man in the short-lived but, IMO, excellent Spider-Man 2099 series. Miguel also had a venomous bite and was able to climb buildings with special talons that retracted into his fingers. Much more spider-like.

Thankfully, the web fluid shot out of his wrist unlike where it comes out of a real spider 'cause that’d be icky.