Spiffy juggling videos

I know I’m such a juggling nerd but I think you will agree these are nifty:

Falco Scheffler - what makes this one so cool is how low he does the tricks. I know a bunch of people who can do the same tricks, but usually the throws are much higher.

Probably the best juggling act I’ve ever seen was Get The Shoe, a German duo who performed at last year’s International Jugglers’ Association festival. Anyway this isn’t the greatest video of the act (it’s not the same performance I saw, and not in as good a venue IMO) but you get the idea. It’s a spoof of old Kung Fu movies, with an audio track with ridiculous sound effects and off-time lip-sync and so on. the one guy tries to take the other one’s shoes, and they “fight” for them with juggling. Here is their official trailer for the act, which has some better video quality, but doesn’t show the whole thing (rather, it shows an assemblage of clips). Anyway, super nice guys, and amazing jugglers. (The one guy later tried to steal my shoe but the other guy defended me…)

I’ll probably post more later.

I swear I see a third arm coming out from behind his back. Great vid.

This guy is pretty amazing too. I could watch him for hours.

Yes he is amazing, too. I’ve seen him live twice–one of which was during the same show at the IJA festival where I saw Get the Shoe. I have to say that having been a Viktor Kee fan for years and years (one of the things I was most excited about that festival was getting to see him) he was totally blown out of the water by Get the Shoe.