Spike Jones: Musical Depreciation Revue

In a Pit thread, OtakuLoki mentioned a line from Spike Jones’s My Old Flame. Mehitable followed up with a ‘Beetlebomb’ reference from Jones’s William Tell Overture. (Heh. ‘Cabbage by a head!’ :slight_smile: )

So why not? Here’s a Spike Jones Depreciation Thread!

My favourite is My Old Flame since I do a pretty good pseudo-Peter Lorre voice. And who can forget Der Führer’s Face?

“And you’ll hear Laaaaaura on the train that is passing through”

[Bromo-Seltzer Bromo-Seltzer Bromo-Seltzer]

Now I’m going to have You Always Hurt the One You Love running through my head all day.


(It’s Feedlebaum - that’s Doodles Weaver, btw; he did the Man on the Flying Trapese and others, as well).

Chloe, Chloe, Someone’s calling
Hello! You don’t say? You don’t say? You don’t say?
Who was it?
He didn’t say.

Hello! You don’t say? You don’t say? You don’t say?
Who was it?
Same guy

And was Sigourney Weaver’s uncle.

My favorite is “Pal-Yat-Chee
It originally was done by Homer & Jethro with the Spike Jones band.
Later it was re-recorded with Betsy Gay doing the singing and she did a splendid job of switching from a country voice to operatic orations.
Seriously, if it weren’t for Spike Jones, I never would have known about “Vesta La Giuba”

Invest in a tuba and something or other 'bout Cuba,
He sung about a lady who weighed two hundred and eighty …

When I was a kid I liked to play a 78rpm record of Spike Jones’s “Cocktails for Two” over and over and over, for hours on end. My parents must have had the patience of saints to have tolerated this. I still get the giggles when I hear it.

OOoOOo that is my favorite one also=) though carmen is great=) and flight of the bumblebee on tuba is incredible.

Amazing what a set of studio musicians can do when they are bored=)

I really need to pry some money out of teh groocery money and get a disc of some good old spike=)

Tangential, but Dr. Demento’s collections are good (though contain more than just Spike.)

walks off humming “Fish Heads”

I grew up listening to Spike Jones. My grandfather had just about every recording of them ever made. I was probably the only kid in the 1980s who knew all the words to Cocktails for Two.
My absolute favorites are Carmen, Der Fuhrer’s Face, and The Blue Danube.

:frowning: I wish I could listen to them right now. . .

Rolley-Polley Fish Heads?

A bit off topic but I think it a good group to ask. The name of the song and singer of
You can have her
I don’t want her
She’s too fat for me

Thanks for your patience.

I forget the title, but the singer’s 1940’s-1950’s radio/tv personality Arthur Godfrey.

Cocktails For Two” is another one of my favorites. I think that song was written to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition. Spike Jones and His City Slickers did a wonderful job of destroying that song and showing the less than glamorous aspect of drinking.

Most any afternoon at 5:00 (then trolley bell rings FOUR times !!!)

When I was in high school, my friends and I were big fans of Dr. Demento and all the artists he featured. I was particularly enamored of Spike Jones’ Cocktails For Two. One year, for my birthday, my buddy Angelo went down to Sid Arthur’s Oldies (an amazing old record store we used to know in Sunrise, FL) and had the owner personally make me a compilation of Spike Jones songs on a cassette (the LPs being mostly ooc at the time).

I still have that cassette 22 years later (as well as a couple of Jones’ CDs :smiley: ).

Yeah! That’s the guy. Thanks. I have a friend trying to track down a copy of this and some of Spike’s stuff. Thanks again.

Oddly enough, I didn’t actually hear any Spike Jones until maybe seven years ago, when I heard “Cocktails for Two” on a Dr. Demento tape. It was brilliant. I’ve since listened to a couple of compliation CDs and it was clear he was a genius. “Cocktails for Two” is still my favorite, but "Clink, Clink, Another Drink’ (with vocals by the immortal Mel Blanc), “Der Furher’s Face,” and “Dance of the Hours” (which I had discovered I had heard before as the theme for SCTV) are other great ones.

The “She’s too fat” song is usually referred to as “The Too Fat Polka.”

That’s one of my favorites too…although I first heard the “Vesti la Giuba” melody as a Rice Krispies commercial in the early '60s:

No more Rice Krispies
We’ve run out of Rice Krispies!

(breaks down weeping)

But my all-time favorite Spike is “Ya Wanna Buy a Bunny?”

My tears shall not stop…
Until I hear Snap, Crackle…Pop…

I was hoping this thread would get to #49 so I could make #50 “Turn the page, ya fathead!”

So nobody noticed my sly Spike Jones reference over in Great Debates, post number 61 on Why the Pubbies are trying to muzzle NPR?