SPIKE spiked

The Spike TV network will become Paramount Network in January of next year. From The Nashville Network to The National Network to The New National Network to Spike TV to Paramount Network.

6 original shows seemed modest until I saw what they were; not it seems modestly ambitious. Anyone seen the Shannara show?

I enjoyed it. Probably one of the few classic fantasy TV shows on. I was hoping it might be renewed.

Yes…on MTV. It was pretty bad, actually. And I support more fantasy shows on TV!

Sure, but not in a long time.

They could probably get decent enough numbers just by running Star Trek reruns. Or all the stuff they used to show on the UPN back in the 90s like Xena and Hercules.

I watched the 1st season. It could have been good. The effects were good. It looked beautiful. The writing and acting were angsty teen drama aimed at 15 year old girls.

Good. SPIKE TV had a bunch of shows I wanted to watch, but because they were “The Network For Men”, my feminine eyeballs were clearly not wanted.

Our cable system up and stopped carrying Spike unless you pay extra. Didn’t think it was worth adding $9 a month, so, haven’t seen it in a couple of years.

I hope that nine bucks a month gets you more than just Spike. Because that’s just crazy.

Yeah, you get Country Music Television, which they also took off the main package.

As a man I avoided watching it for a similar reason. Marketing it as a “network for men” was way too patronizing and pandering for me to stomach, especially as heavy handed as they were about it.

I mean, even the name was patronizing: “Spike”? Really? That’s just embarrassing. It’s like the punchline of some joke about male insecurity over penis size. Or possibly the name of a porn sight for gay men.

Adding you to my list, Darren. Watch it.

Okay, not that, since it’s unwatchable. Have I mentioned that I worked with one of the original mem. . .zzzzzzzzz

Oh, come on now. I used to watch Lifetime. Who’s slogan used to be: “Lifetime: Television for women.”

Where else was I gonna watch old reruns of “Unsolved Mysteries”? :slight_smile:

It went downhill the moment they cancelled MXC.

ironically universal/Comcast did the same to sprout a pbs based 24/7 pre-k kids channel when funding was cut they made a deal well over time pbs used unused channels and made their own and a contract with HIT expired and there went 75 percent of the shows … now they run generic euro kids stuff and all their formerly Netflix exclusive stuff for 8 hours

Gendered channels are stupid. Why alienate potential viewers? I watched Spike probably ten years ago when they had ST Voyager reruns. Haven’t watched it since. I’m not very interested in hours of Cops or tattoo shows. I don’t really see anything all that riveting on this new channel yet, but I’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks for posting!

I know that isn’t black face but it feels almost as wrong.

I thought Spike had become Esquire channel… I guess I have the channel rebranding confused.

Style Network -->Esquire Network–>Dead In The Water.