Spin offs that are diff. genre from orig show - like Lou Grant

What other spin offs were a different genre than the show they spinned off from, like ‘Lou Grant’, a dramatic show that was a spin off from the comedic ‘Mary Tyler Moore Show’?

‘Lou Grant’ was a little before my time, did it ever have guest stars from Mary Tyler Moore?

The Perry Mason radio show was originally a soap opera about a lawyer/detective. When TV came along, the soap opera was spun off (including cast) as The Edge of Night and, soon after, the detective part was put on TV without soap opera.

Trapper John, M.D. was obviously spun off from M.A.S.H., and was a dramatic series rather than a comedy.
AfterM.A.S.H. wasn’t much of a comedy, either, but I’m not sure that was intentional.

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Fernwood 2 Night was a parody talk show that was kind of a spinoff of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, a parody of soap operas (they were both set in the same fictional Ohio town). So, both parodies, but different formats. I think there may have been some characters that appeared on both, but I’m not sure.

That reminds me of the Captain RibMan comic, a parody of comics (like The Tick in the main character’s cluelessness.) Then he got his own “advice” column in which he answered questions in his own inimitable style.

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I felt Frasier had a different feel than Cheers.

Joey was a nice departure from the good writing and completmentary acting as seen in Friends.

I thought about Fraiser being a different type of sitcom than Cheers. And A Different World was definitely different than The Bill Cosby Show.

Restaurant hour-long drama **Tattingers ** morphed into half-hour sitcom Nick and Hillary.

Hour-long scream fest of righteousness **The Practice ** spun into hour-long Shatner and Spader chewing goof-fest **Boston Legal ** designed to give David Kelley free therapy. I’d definitely say the shows are different genres - straight drama to comedy-drama (emphasis on the comedy).

Hour-long **Hercules: The Legendary Journeys ** spawned children’s show Young Hercules


Love, American Style --> Happy Days.

Tracey Ullman Show --> Simpsons

I wonder if cartoon spin-offs count?

Carol Burnett Show —> Mama’s Family

Officially, “Trapper John, M.D.” is derived from the film MASH, not the t.v. show “MAS*H”. This was verified in a court decision over intellectual property rights.