Spitting in Urinals

I’m sitting at the bar last night and the subject came up amongst the males at the table that they very often (too often to be a coincidence) notice men spitting into urinals while they pee. Jarhubby said he’s done it a couple of times but has no idea why…friend David said he feels like his father forgot to teach him something important.

What I want to know is…how common is the ‘spitting in urinals’ phenomenon and why the hell are you doing that? I mean, chicks don’t saunter in to the bathroom and spit all over the floor before peeing. Is it something that’s triggered by peeing? Is it just fun to spit? Is it because you can’t spit on the floor in public?

what gives?


Spitting in urinals is one thing. What ticks me off are the guys who spit on urinals. And it’s always a phlegm-infested gob when they do. Or the guys who pick their noses and wipe them on the wall in front of the urinal.
I see this, but I don’t clsim to understand it. I don’t even spit in the urinals myself. Maybe this is one of my problems – I’m not properly marking my territory with Gross Personal Stuff. No wonder I’m not getting the Hot Babes – you know how this turns them on.

Ya know what? I was thinking the same thing the other day, right after I spat into the urinal. I have no idea why I do it other than the fact that when saliva buidls up in my mouth for whatever reason, I usually prefer to spit it out than swallow it.
However, I have noted as well, that whenever a vile odour invades my olfactory system, I also have a tendency to spit, as if trying to remove a bad taste from my mouth. And let me assure you, I currently reside on a tropical island (very hot, very humid), and the toilets here just do not seem to ever stop with their putrescent odours. So, I may spit just walking nearby, too.

I have a bad habit of spitting constantly whenever I can. But strangely, I don’t even get the urge to spit when I can’t. For example, I can sit in a bar/restraunt for as long as I want without the thought of spitting crossing my mind, but as soon as I get up to take a whiz and see that urinal I’m like “hey! I can spit! Whoohoo!” This might have something to do with it, but I doubt it :wink:

Sounds like a Pavlovian response gone horribly awry…

I don’t. However, a cow-orker ( :wink: ) spits multiple times during “release”. Why? I never asked. I guess it’s just not a real conversation starter when in that position…

Turning head slightly to the right, “Say, I notice that you spit as you whiz. Pray tell, what is the reason for that?” I don’t think so.

Good question.

What I’m trying to remember is whether the presence of someone else in the pisser is what elicits this action, in other words am I making some statement to other males in the room by sauntering over to the public receptacle and hawking up a stephen.

Maybe it’s some masculinity thing… Yes, I am whipping out Mr. Johnson in front of other men but should you take an intrest in him I’ll drive a Mack truck over your ass.
Then again, maybe I just had to spit.

The Better Half, sitting here reading the paper at the dining room table, says yes, he’s seen guys spitting into urinals, it’s a definite men’s room phenomenon. When asked “why they do it”, he replies, as though it should be obvious to anyone, “Well, they smoke, and they’ve got infected lungs [his phrase, not mine], and they’ve got all this gunk to hawk up.”

Thank you so much for sharing that with me, dear.

He adds, “Would you rather have them spit on the floor?” I said I didn’t think the question was referring to the venue for saliva receipt, but the reason for the spitting in the first place.

He smoked when we first got married, so he’s not just being judgemental about smokers.

You’re familiar with the bit about “why do dogs lick their balls? . . . because they can”

We spit in urinals because its acceptable and available. Same reason we spit on the sports fields. It’s a guy thing.