Splice genes to breed monsters?

Could genetic engineers somehow splice human DNA with other animals to breed hybrids . . . like crossing a predator like a bear with human brains? Or even try to make a human-wolf combination so that wherewolves are real? Ethics aside, is this at all possible?


But, all seriousness aside, it probably won’t happen, since it wouldn’t be profitable.
Of course, there’s those pesky human experimentation and informed consent laws to deal with.

Wherewolves are real, sheep run scared.

This has already been done.

Then there are chimeras

It’s unclear how much DNA can be mixed and still produce a viable organism.

But for werewolves (no “h”) to be real, we’d need a moon-activated gene. :slight_smile:

Wherewolves would be interesting, Where are the wolves? :slight_smile: “Were” or “wer” is an Old English word meaning “man”, more commonly seen in its Latin cousin, vir, in words like virile.

Developmental processes are much too complex to hope to be able to create a human brain in a bear through mere gene-splicing. Less complex changes are possible: for example, researcher have created giant mice by introducing the gene for rat growth hormone into mouse embryos:

One could conceivably create a human with the muscular development of a gorilla through genetic manipulation.