Split rear-view mirrors.

Also known as “A4 Split OEM Blindspot European Issue Sideview Mirrors”. These are not those stick-on magnifiers that you add onto your existing mirrors, but new mirrors that replace the ones on your car.
My question is, are they any good? Do they actually reduce blindspots?
Normally, I’d just order some and try them out. But at over $100/set, plus the trouble of ibstallation, I’d like to hear from some who have actually driven with them.
Any “Europeans” out there? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure what “A4 Split OEM Blindspot European Issue Sideview Mirrors” are exactally, but I know that Volvo uses a different glass on their outside rear view mirrors in Europe. Same size glass as the US mirrors, but there is a dotted vertical line about 1/2 on the mirror. Inside the dotted line the mirror is flat. Outside the dotted line the mirror is convex. Pretty much gets rid of the blind spot. I do not know why they are not on the cars that are shipped to the US. It could be a regulatory issue, or a company decision.

Like these;
Sorry, I assumed that anyone who could answer my question would know what I was referring to.