Splits among Democrats

I’m curious about what the next few years will show about Democratic members of Congress. I’m wondering how many have been pretenders at progressivism in the past, safe behind a Republican majority that could cater to the large monied interests. Or, if the Republicans couldn’t pass pro-business legislation, they could at least stop anti-business acts.

Now, as big business and other conservative interest groups gear up to fight progressive legislation, they’re gonna start to put the squeeze on Dems they feel are, or should be, in their pockets. John Dingell is I suppose the best known for being in thepocket of the auto industry, and Murtha has never seen a lobbyist he didn’t like. I just wonder how many surprises will come along, seemingly loyal Dems who will break ranks to defeat some pieces of Obama’s legislation.

They wan’t ALL be in someone’s pockets, but I’d guess most will be.

There have been articles on Slate and Salon that now it’s time for the Dems to put up or shut up. That has especially escalated since Arlen Specter jumped the GOP ship. I mean, jayzuss, when Arlen Specter gets fed up with the GOP, the Democrats should be able to push through socialized medicine! It’ll be interesting to see whether my native party even has balls enough to demand our civil rights back. Maybe I’m being too snotty, but I’m really not holding my breath. I’m about to join the Libertarians and just be an obstructionist.