Spoil "Flightplan" w/ Jodie Foster for me (OPEN SPOILERS)

I have absolutely no interest in seeing this movie, but I am curious about what they came up with for the daughter’s disappearance.


“Will you be having the chicken, or the beef?”


When I saw the previews, I totally went :rolleyes:

Okay, so, the mom feels incredibly guilty for picking her career over her daughter, but couldn’t someone have talked her out of her initial panic?

I mean, the plane is flying in the freaking air! Couldn’t she ask the airline company to look out for her precious, precious child after they’ve landed? Or, have the pilot page the daughter over the PA system: “Attention, Precocious Child, your Mommy is on the verge of crashing the plane. Please meet her at your assigned seat.”

My WAG is…

Jodie’s daughter is real and alive and the girl somehow de-planes RIGHT before take-off. Perhaps she forgot her blankie or teddie or some-such-business and sneaks off the plane. That is the only way I can see it working…though this leads to the questions of if the crew believes the girl was on the plane though. I imagine an open plot line showing both sides–Jodie and crew looking for the girl, Jodie going off the deep end and trashing and crashing the plane whilst we see the crew trying to radio the tower for info about the girl and then finding her in the airport in the ending shot.

Works for me…but I’ve only seen a few clips.

Ironically, I am right now watching the Jodie Foster Biography right now. That lady has talent.

Somebody on the IMDB asked for the same thing. They were answered here.

You have to scroll almost all the way to the bottom, as many people gave false endings until someone who actually saw the movie posted.

I like this part of the poster’s spoiler:

Yeah, it sounds like it was the load of crap I suspected it was.


LOL yeah, and I like the “fake” endings that people were joking with, like this one:

“The child is a metaphor for the plan itself, since she is the designer of the plane, and has been working so hard on the designs, she is under a situation of extreme stress, finally when she takes a break on the plane, she imagines someone is taking her daughter away, but in reality her daughter is the plane.”

Wild-Ass Guess

I’m not registered over at IMDB - could someone divulge the point in question here?

I was going to open this thread, but I thought that it came out the 23rd, so was going to wait until then. My theory was that it would be left ambiguous at the end whether the daughter was ever on the plane or not.

You, my good friend, are not familiar with BugMeNot!!

Alright - well I already was talking about it in a different thread but I saw an early screening on Monday and have to say - I was not at all dissapointed - it was better than I expected and I totally misguessed the ending. I was impressed with the whole cast and the plane is cool as hell. But I"m not going to spoil it for you…

Why not? Some kind of principled stand here?

I was curious, too. You can read a synopsis here.

Foster sees the girl on the wing, but nobody believes her.

Cool. Thanks.

thank you, oh thank you! for saving me $9.00 plus snacks I don’t need!

Whew! I thought this movie was going to have a stupid plot!